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The SAF SMG is a Chilean sub-machine gun, produced in 1993 FAMAE, the Chilean Government's arms factory.


It is only featured in the mission A Vintage Year in the game Hitman: Blood Money, sported by the VIP guards in the level. The VIP guards can be found guarding the airplane, or guarding the house.


It is concealable, thus making it easy to add to your weapons collection. It is not a very powerful weapon, but since being automatic, it makes it deadly. It is unsilenced, so it is not recommended to use this weapon if you want to complete the level with a Silent Assassin rating.



  • In real life, the weapon weighs just under 6 pounds, fires 9x19mm parabellum, and its rate of fire is 1,200 rounds/minute.
  • It uses a 20 or 30 round magazine, and is based on Sig Arms designs, which were also produced in Chile by FAMAE under contract for a time.
  • It's the only firearm in the game whose length is not specified.