The SA .44 Auto is a pistol featured in Hitman: Absolution.


"The .44 Auto is a heavy semi-automatic pistol designed specifically for handgun hunters. It combines extreme stopping power with precision over long range."

When using the SA .44 Auto in Contracts Mode, a suppressor is attached by default.


  • Rosewood: Carried by Wade. Obtainable if the vents are used to reach Wade and the furnace is used to burn his face and kill him, but a limited window of time is present between the weapon's drop and mission completion, similar to Dexter's Ultramax.
  • Birdie's Gift: Starting weapon of Agent 47, more can be found in the gun store.


  • The SA .44 Auto found in Absolution appears to have a spider image on the handle, likely due to having been customized by Wade.
  • It is the Predecessor to the Desert Eagle.
  • It is based on the AMT Automag; a semi-automatic .44 magnum pistol.



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