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SG552 is an assault rifle seen in Mark Purayah II's office during the Mardi Gras Parade. However, he never uses it during the festival.


Hitman: Blood Money

  • The Murder of Crows : Can be found in Mark Purayah II's office, along with 2 boxes of rifle ammo if you want to use it. Like the Kazo TRG, sneaking out with this gun is quite a challenge. In fact, both guns will raise attention no matter what disguise you have got. You can store them in the ICA crate so you can get them both in one run. There is also a storage crate in the alley behind the Crow's safehouse which can also be used to store the weapon.



  • In-game the SG 552 has a 20 round magazine. While 20 and 30-round magazines do exist for SG-series rifles, the one mounted on the SG 552 is clearly the 30 round type, which is proven by how the magazine is longer than the grip.
  • The magazine actually can tell its user how many rounds left as it's transparent plastic, but this feature is removed due to the reduction of memory usage.
  • Compared to other assault rifles, FN-2000, M14 and M4, it has the lowest recoil and good stability when fire in full auto, but it cannot be suppressed and it has inferior firepower.
  • It is one of the rarest weapons in Hitman: Blood Money, only appearing in one level.
  • The SG552 in game shares its ammunition with the M14 and FN-2000.
  • It cannot be concealed, despite the fact that the SG552 is, in theory, the shortest assault rifle in the game as its stock can be folded, making it much shorter than both the M14 and FN-2000. In real-life, the SG552 is one of the most compact assault rifles, it can be concealed into the jacket with the stock folded. Also even when the stock is extended, its size is similar to a sub-machinegun. The only means to carry this weapon concealed is via use of the "detonator glitch".