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Disambig This article is about the submachine gun. For the upgrades, see SMG Tactical/Upgrades.

The SMG Tactical is a submachine gun found in Hitman: Blood Money, based on the Heckler & Koch MP5.


It is one of the five customizable weapons in the game. It can be customized to fit any situation, from laser sights to silencers, from shortened barrels to red dot sights. It is the best submachine gun in the game since it can be customized to be a pocket sniper rifle or a fully automatic weapon. It should be known, however, that it is operated with two hands; when equipped, Agent 47 cannot take a Human Shield and Agent 47's previous weapon will be dropped or holstered, but curiously it can be equipped after he has taken a human shield.

If this is done, Agent 47 holds the weapon in his right hand (his left hand restraining the human shield).


In Hitman: Blood Money, it is one of the five customizable weapons. The upgrades range from making reloads faster, adding red dot sight, to adding a suppressor.



  • Even though it is clearly bigger than Agent 47's suit, Agent 47 can still manage to conceal it in-game.