The STG 58 is an assault rifle in Hitman: Absolution


"An older assault rifle design that still has excellent stopping power and range. It is hampered by a strong recoil, making it most effective in short, controlled bursts."


  • End of the Road: In the trunk of the car.
  • Skurky's Law: In the safe in the control room of the holding cells, where you open the prison gates. You will need to help the prisoner, who is being assaulted by several police officers, to get the combination. The gun is also found in the storage room next to the court room.
  • Death Factory: In the Test Facility, leaning against some shelves down the left "backstage" corridor in the mine testing field.
  • Operation Sledgehammer: After collecting the Silverballers, go directly in the door to the left. Look on the desk in this office.


  • STG 58 Elite: A clean, modernized, more efficient variant.



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