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The Saber is a melee weapon available in HITMAN™ and HITMAN™ 2.


"A cavalry saber. Napoleonic era. Effective when used in close combat."
― In-game Description, HITMAN™ 2



  • Paris - Can be found in the ground floor galleries of the Palace, stored inside glass display cases. The glass must be broken in order to obtain the saber, which will attract attention.
  • Sapienza - Can be found hanging on a wall in Salvatore Bravuomo's office inside the Town Hall, and on display in the dining room of Villa Caruso.
  • Marrakesh - Can be found inside General Zeydan's office in the school, and behind the counter inside the shoe shop occupied by Zeydan's troops.


Melee-icon-2018 Lethal Melee/Lethal Throw - Allows people to lethally pacify NPCs in melee combat or by being thrown.

Distraction-icon-2018 Distraction - Allows people to distract NPCs by throwing the item.


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