Say Hello to My Little Friend is the 8th mission in Hitman: Codename 47. It is the final mission of the series of missions to eliminate Pablo Ochoa.


  • Pablo Ochoa


After Agent 47's encounter with the U'wa Tribe's god, Tezcatlipoca, Agent 47 finally gained access to Pablo Ochoa's drug camp.

Agent 47's final objective is to kill Ochoa, and blow up the drug lab leaving it in ruins stopping Ochoa's drug trade.

Mission Briefing

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The camp is now just a few feet away from you. Be careful. It is very well guarded. Once inside the camp you should be able to find plenty of weapons and ammunition.

Diana Burnwood, Controller, The Agency


  1. Eliminate the Drug Lord.
  2. Blow up the laboratory.
  3. Use the airplane to escape.

Reward: $30,000



Say Hello to My Little Friend Map.

Your mission is to eliminate the drug lord, and destroy his drug laboratory. The camp is heavily guarded by soldiers, and the drug lord himself is rumored to be extremely dangerous.
Explosives are very likely to be found inside Pablo's mansion. Use those to destroy the lab. There is a landing strip inside the camp. Find a plane and use it to escape.



Any weapon bought/found will be carried over into this mission.





Ochoa tasting his own product.
Ochoa making an oddly specific threat.
Ochoa greeting agent 47.
Professor Ort-Meyer's letter to Pablo Ochoa.


  • Along with the two proceeding missions, this mission was not remade within Hitman: Contracts.
  • The player can actually kill Ochoa from the start of the mission, if they still have the R93 rifle.
  • There is a bug where the game crashes upon detonating the bomb, it is recommended to detonate the bomb inside the manor with all the doors close to reduce the chance of this happening.
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