Scoop is a gangster seen in the first level of Hitman: Blood Money, Death of a Showman.


Occupation of amusement park

He was the leader of a Baltimore street gang dealing in cocaine production and distribution. He agreed to pay rent to operate out of Joseph Clarence's abandoned theme park as early as 2000, but he stayed more than twice as long and eventually intimidated Clarence into occupying the park rent-free.

Hit on Joseph Clarence

While 47 was infiltrating the abandoned amusement park, Clarence wanted to reopen the park so he asked Scoop to leave the park and pay the rent. Scoop coldly refuses, intimidating Clarence in the process. Scoop spent the rest of his time in a room, where he is seen talking to a gang member. If 47 hides long enough, Scoop kills the gang member for failing to stop 47, before ordering his two other men to look for 47. 47 kills them using a falling chandelier before escaping, effectively liquidating Scoop's gang.


Scoop is a very cruel person. This is evident when Clarence asks him to pay his rent, and Scoop breaks Clarence's statue and refuses. He is also not above killing one of his own, shooting a gang member to death just to prove a point.



  • Scoop (or at least his name) is a reference to the real-life rapper Snoop Dogg.
  • If you wait to detonate the bomb, Scoop will kill one of his gang members, and then ask the other to find and kill 47.
  • Due to game mechanics, Scoop will sometimes cower when he spots 47, as he is not registered as "armed" in the game, since his Desert Eagle is near his pillow.