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Sean Rose is one of Agent 47's targets in the HITMAN™ mission Freedom Fighters.


Sean Rose is a radical eco-terrorist and bomb-maker wanted for several accounts of political terrorism.

Born in Alice Springs, Rose grew up in a reclusive Marxist collective deep in the Australian outback. The so-called Sons of Solidarity were founded by a radical economics professor from Melbourne with Rose's mother being one of his acolytes. Allegedly, Rose did not meet a non-collective member until he was ten years old, when a team of AFP agents stormed the compound.

Sean Rose was placed in childcare and shuffled between foster families. At sixteen he fell in love with a Canadian left-wing activist and followed her to Vancouver where he joined her crowd of radical environmentalists whose ideas and rhetoric felt like home. But Rose had a propensity for violence that alienated him from most mainstream groups. Passionate and single-minded, but otherwise socially functional, he was the perfect recruit for The Pristine Army, an anarcho-primitivist terror network committed to fight the spread of civilization and return mankind to its natural state.

Over the next years, Rose, who had taught himself explosives, masterminded a series of non-lethal public bombings around the world. But in 2008, the bombing of a supposedly vacated government office in Auckland, New Zealand went wrong and resulted in the tragic deaths of two adults and seven young children. Rose went underground and soon after, all leaders of The Pristine Army were apprehended.

Rose took up freelancing, building bombs for various political and environmental terrorist groups without prejudice. When he spectacularly blew up a Hamsun Oil rig, a special Interpol task force was established to catch him. The anti-terror analyst in charge of the manhunt was Penelope Graves, who now appears to have inexplicably switched sides and joined forces with Rose.

After months off the grid, Rose resurfaced in New York nine days ago when he was involved in the daring kidnapping and execution of media mogul Thomas Cross during his son Jordan Cross' funeral. Tracing Olivia Hall's data drops, we have placed Rose at the Colorado farm where he appears to lead a private militia. His MO doesn't fit that of the shadow client, but at the moment, he is our prime suspect.

Sean Rose is smart and ruthless, but like all fanatics, he is impressionable, an angry idealist yearning for a symbol and a cause. Confident, passionate and self-righteous, Rose is a natural demagogue who sees the world in black and white and rarely tolerates conflicting views. He does not trust others easily and has very few confidants including his girlfriend, freelance assassin Alma Reynard.

On a different note, Rose suffers from acute OCD and obsesses about bacteria and cleanliness. He is extremely meticulous and focuses on symmetry and time keeping. He usually keeps his disorder under control, but stress has been known to invoke anxiety attacks. This could prove to be his Achilles heel.
― Target Intel


  • He seems to like gin, as several bottles of Crown Gin can be found in his private rooms.
  • One of Rose's attacks was an office building that killed several children, similar to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.
  • He owns a Link 4 smartwatch, which happens to be the same one owned by one of his targets, Biosphere CEO and Providence operative Simon Devereaux. He intended on assassinating Devereaux with a bomb concealed in the watch's battery. The concealed bomb can be placed inside Rose's own watch and used to kill him.
  • Rose suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, a psychiatric disorder characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions, such as cleaning, checking, counting, or hoarding. Rose frequently washes his hands whenever he's walking through areas and checks to see if the grandfather clock in the house is on time or if his pens are centered, Tampering with either will result in him having an anxiety attack.
  • Rose dislikes hallucinogens due to a traumatic experience as a child. If his cigarettes are laced with one of Ezra Berg's hallucinogens, he will panic about microbes being on his body and go into the shed to wash himself down
  • Rose always tends to walk with a stiff posture and quick, jerky movements. This manner of walking is sometimes also adopted by other NPCs if they suddenly have to walk to a location that is not part of their normal routine. In addition, he will take off his watch to wash his hands during his route.
  • Sean and Maya Parvati have a mutual dislike of each other, as shown when Sean inspects her test. In a phone call to Alma, Sean threatens to get rid of Maya if she continued undermining his authority.
  • Thanks to the militia's alliance with the Delgado Drug Cartel, he will call future target Rico Delgado to confirm logistics information regarding the militia's upcoming operation against Gustavo Torres.
  • Alma Reynard and Sean Rose have a daughter, but aren't able to see her often due to their dedication to their cause and their status as wanted international criminals.
  • A news report in The Finish Line states that Sean's body was later discovered buried in a desert near the militia's farm by a group of local children.
  • In Three-Headed Serpent, The Vanisher mentions how Rose nearly blew his cover at the airport trying to get to Colorado and jokingly states "that man had more issues than Sigmund Freud.