The Security Camera is a surveillance measure located in heavily guarded areas. They are based on CCTV (Closed-circuit Camera).


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Security cameras only appear in a few missions in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. They can only be disabled by either getting shot at or by shooting the camera control, the latter of which is an actual objective in the mission Basement Killing.

Hitman: Blood Money

The camera can be found in multiple missions in-game, which are equipped with night-vision so staying in the dark is useless. However, there will almost always be a security station around the map with monitor machines in it. Stealing the video tape will disable all cameras in the level and remove "Caught on Camera" in mission debriefing.

Shooting the cameras can also disable them, however the cameras are mostly found in public places, it is not wise to pull your guns out while you are under cover. Also, if a guard is watching the monitor the camera transmits to, he will run to the camera to see what happened. The camera has a short scan range, keep a distance from it if you can.

Hitman: Absolution

They appear only visually in Hitman: Absolution, and do not play any gameplay role, apart from a cutscene in Blackwater Park.


They return and work largely the same as in Hitman: Blood Money, with minor changes. It's now possible to see the area they are watching via a hard-to-see green grid. There are multiple security stations on certain maps, with certain cameras providing feed to different stations. Instead of stealing a tape, 47 now needs to destroy the recordings, either by hacking/deleting them (silent, but suspicious) or by shooting them (noisy, depending on the gun used).

Originally, each set of cameras in Sapienza had their own recordings, but a patch changed it so that all cameras are deactivated regardless of which station was destroyed.

Professional difficulty reintroduced the mechanic of camera destruction triggering a security guard to investigate. In addition, suspicious actions or trespassing are sufficient for security to spot 47 through the camera system, and the number of guards for each recording location is increased.

Security cameras are absent in HITMANTM 2 on Casual difficulty.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

  • Tubeway Torpedo - Security cameras can be found throughout the basement of the complex. The server cluster must be shot to disable them.
  • Basement Killing - Disabling the security cameras on the lower floor is a necessity to complete the mission. The central server cluster can be shot to disable them.

Hitman: Blood Money

  • Flatline - The tape is stored on the security room near the entrance to the medical wing.
  • A New Life - The tape is stored on the parked van outside.
  • You Better Watch Out…- The tape is stored in a security room on the second floor after the initial elevator.
  • A House of Cards - The tape is stored on the leftmost staff area on the lobby, next to a lone sitting guard.
  • A Dance with the Devil - The tape is stored on the small room at the parking lot entrance.
  • Amendment XXV - The tape is stored on the security room on the east wing.


  • The Showstopper - The recordings are kept in the security room in the basement.
  • World of Tomorrow
    • Outside the Town hall - The recordings are stored on the second-to-top floor of the clock tower. (Not present on Professional difficulty)
    • Around Caruso Mansion - The recordings are stored in a small room on the third floor of the mansion.
    • Around Ether labs - The recordings are stored in one of the temporary buildings inside the cave.
    • Around the church - The recordings are stored in a small room below the church. (Not present on Professional difficulty)
  • The Icon - The recordings are stored on the second-to-top floor of the clock tower.
  • Landslide - The recordings are stored on the clock tower and the church basement.
  • A Gilded Cage - The recordings are stored in a security room on the ground floor of the consulate, near the kitchen.
  • Club 27 - Recordings are stored in the security room on the first floor in the closed off wing. (A recording location in the security shed in the garden was removed in a patch).
  • Freedom Fighters - Recordings are stored in one of the ground floor rooms in the farmhouse.
  • Situs Inversus - Recordings are stored in the security room in the lobby and in the morgue.



Hitman: Blood Money



  • Getting caught on camera will usually keep you from getting "Silent Assassin" rating, so keep an eye out for them, or the video tape.
  • In Hitman: Blood Money, being seen by a camera while trespassing causes a guard watching the feed to investigate 47's location. This was no longer the case in HITMAN™'s normal difficulty, as the feed is now simply recorded instead.
    • This has changed in the professional difficulty and in HITMANTM 2, as now an armed group of guards goes to investigate the recorded position.
  • If you're spotted while trying to steal the video tape, the security in charge will start to shoot you, regardless of the level of difficulty you are playing on.
  • Only the CCTV cameras can affect the ratings although other cameras/TV crews are present on some missions such as A Vintage Year and The Showstopper. While this is obviously for gameplay reasons, it can be explained by the fact that 47 is not well-known by the public, and thus isn't recognized from the crowds.
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