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Sergei Bjarkhov was a Russian Commander who ran a dirty bomb factory, from which he sold bombs to various terrorists, including the Fuchs Brothers.


47's flashback

Commander Bjarkhov was a former Red Army officer and known Chechen sympathizer who set up a weapons production facility in Siberia.

He was about to make a deal with the infamous Fuchs brothers regarding the sale of his dirty bombs through Fabian Fuchs, but 47 killed Fabian, took his place, killed Bjarkhov in the deal, and destroyed his bomb production capabilities by using explosives to sink the submarine which was used as a production facility.


He is a bearded male dressed in a Russian military uniform.


  • His weapon of choice is the CZ2000, though he also keeps a SG 220 .S in his office which he doesn't use on the day of his meeting with Fabian Fuchs.
  • He has the same first name as the Russian terrorist Sergei Zavorotko who is the main antagonist of Hitman 2 Silent Assassin.
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