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Sergei Petrovich Zavorotko (Russian: Сергей Петрович Заворотко) was a Russian crime lord who, with an unnamed man, formed a plan to lure Agent 47 out of retirement after he 'vanished' from the ICA. He is also one of Agent 47's genetic uncles and the main antagonist of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin



It is unknown on Sergei's early life but he is the brother of one of 47's Five Fathers, Arkadij Jegorov. The surname implied that they are either half brother or step brother. He is supplied by his brother with weapons for his criminal activities.

After the Five Fathers' deaths, he and the Mystery Man investigate Boris's action to find he is funding a cloning project in Romania. They went to the asylum where the project was held and find the place massacred by the famous 47, a contract killer for the ICA. They found out that 47 is missing and Sergei seeks to hire the agent for his benefit especially involving the nuclear bomb he is selling to Deewana Ji and Sikh cultists.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

He began by getting mafia capo Giuseppe Guillani to capture Father Vittorio, 47's mentor and friend, to force 47 out of retirement. It was a success since 47 force to contact with ICA for help to rescue Vittorio, Sergei later take Vittorio hostage as he predicted that 47 would go to Guillani's mansion and rescue Vittorio.

With 47 back on the game, he hires 47 to assassinate one of the Russian general with the meeting set up for 47 to take the target. In reality, Sergei wanted all 4 generals dead to silence the nuclear deal which Sergei and 4 generals involved. As one of the generals died, the others starts their investigation with Sergei targets them with the excuse of covering up the investigation. 47 masterfully kill both General Makarov and Mikhail Bardachenko which scare the last general to betray to Germany and stay in the embassy. General Vladimir have a missile guidance system which is a key component to a nuclear bomb. Although 47 managed to kill Vladimir and get the briefcase, it is revealed that it is sold to a Japanese arms dealer, Masahiro Hayamoto.

Sergei then have both Masahiro Hayamoto and Charlie Sidjan who both target have important components for a nuclear bomb with Hayamoto having the missile guidance system and Sidjan have a software that detect missiles as American which render American anti shield worthless. 47 managed to kill both targets and acquire both components. However, as he have a hacker to search the Charlie's company for the software only to find that it is given to the Sikh cultists already. This infuriated Sergei who had made a deal with them and decide to eliminate his client. He then order that the nuclear warheads to be steal from the Afghan khan. However, it is intervened by the cultists and stolen which broke Sergei's patience with his former client. He later order the hit on Deewana Ji out of revenge.

However, UN forces found the helicopter used to steal the nuclear warheads in Hospital Island and trace it back to Sergei. He became angry that his involvement is exposed and suspect 47 might leak the information (which he did not) and have a new agent, 17 to kill him to tie loose ends. UN wanted Sergei dead for having nuclear trade which ICA complies due to lucrative business with the UN. 47 sent to kill Sergei in the same location where he begin his first mission after his retirement. However, it is revealed to be a setup as Sergei is just a cardboard cutout and bullets for the sniper rifle are blanks. 17 is also in the building ready to kill 47. However, 47 managed to evade the trap and head to the building and kill 17. 47 found the earpiece which communicate with Sergei which revealed that he had Vittorio had hostage in Gontranno. 47 managed to evade or kill the guards way back to the metro.

47 went back to Sicily only to find Sergei and his men took control over the church. 47 avoid the guards and head to his weapon shed to gather his weapon against Sergei. Due to being a resident of the church, he know every path and use it to kill every guards that Sergei have. Despite all the guards are all dead, Sergei have taken Vittorio hostage in the confession box. 47, thanks to Vittorio tip, shoot the heart glass which injure Sergei, this infuriate him and knock out Vittorio before head out to deal 47 himself. Combat between 47 and Sergei ensured which 47 emerged victorious. As Sergei laid dying in his own pool of blood, 47 shoot his head to confirm his death.


His face is covered with lines and loose folds of skin because of his age. long black hair alongside a thick goatee. He wears a red/burgundy leather coat. He is much taller than 47 (whom is around 6" 2') and towers over him by around five inches (6" 7'), which can be seen in Redemption at Gontranno.



  • Sergei's appearance is apparently heavily inspired by Sergei Petrofsky, the antagonist in the 1996 action film "Eraser." The character in the film shares the same first name, and dress sense.
  • Almost every Sergei's sentence begins with Russian words, or phrases that usually include swearing. Some include "Пиздец" ("Pizdets," "Fuck") or "Хуйня" ("Khuynya," "Bullshit").
  • Sergei's weapon of choice is the SPAS-12.
  • Sergei's behavior differs in the two missions where he appears, in St. Petersburg Stakeout, he tries to flee and surrender when he sees 47, however in Redemption at Gontranno, he will fight 47 using a SPAS-12.
  • He is the hardest target to kill in the game as it requires more shots to kill him than the previous targets, he may even survive a MI95 Sniper shot. Therefore the easiest way to kill him would be to bring a fully loaded M60 and spray him as soon as he bursts out of the booth, best from close range.
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