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The Shamal Hotel and Casino is an Arabian-themed casino hotel in Nevada, Las Vegas. Mohammad Bin Faisel Al-Khalifa and Tariq Abdul Lateef once arranged a deal for DNA samples from Hendrik Schmutz in exchange for diamonds.


Apart from the obvious entertainment such as gambling and Arabic belly dancers, there are entertainers that perform on stage in the Shamal including Texas Connie and her band, the Desert Roses, as well as Allan Hansen, a street magician who performed in the auditorium.



  • During the mission that takes place in the Shamal, it is possible to see models of real life locations such as the Belmondouz Hotel taking place for the real life Bellagio.
  • Shamal is the Arabic name for "Wind" and "North".
  • The Shamal Casino bears a slight resemblance to the real-life Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.