"Lenny Dexter. Outcast. Black sheep. He took the girl to earn his father's admiration. Of all my enemies, he is the weakest link. Making him talk will not be a problem. But first I need to deal with his "Cougars." If I grab Lenny, they will surely try to interfere. Besides...they already know too much."
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Shaving Lenny is the ninth mission in Hitman: Absolution. It consists of 2 segments: Streets of Hope and Barbershop.

Mission Information

After successfully retrieving his Silverballers, Agent 47 makes his way to where the bartender he met when he first arrived in town said Lenny Dexter could be found: downtown Hope. It is here that Lenny's gang, the Hope Cougars, are nested.

In order to extract the location of Victoria and simultaneously thwart the Cougars' plan to conspire against Dexter Industries, 47 takes it upon himself to eliminate their entire roster.

Lenny meets a different fate than his cohorts: since he can't talk if he's dead, 47 opts to kidnap him instead.


  • Eliminate Lenny's Gang (Gavin LeBlond, Landon Metcalf & Tyler Colvin)
  • Get to the back entrance
  • Eliminate Lenny's Gang (Luke Wheeley & Mason McCready)
  • Subdue Lenny



Melee Weapons

  • Axe - Stuck in the wooden staircase near the scrapyard exit to the street.
  • Baseball Bat - Behind the counter in Tyler Colvin's store.
  • Bill Spike - Inside the donut shop.
  • Bottle - Various locations; stairs to upstairs of Tyler Colvin's store.
  • Brick - Various locations; in the small room near the scrapyard entrance on the street.
  • Crowbar - On two metal drums and a crate in the scrapyard near the fence to the garage.
  • Dog's Bone - Near the dog kennel in the scrapyard.
  • Gasoline Can - Various locations; in the garage with the droppable car lift.
  • Hammer - On the picnic table immediately after entering Barbershop segment.
  • Knife - Inside the donut shop; upstairs of main garage, in the break room.
  • Metal Pipe - Barbershop, in the small room which is guarded by a police officer sitting on a chair outside.
  • Police Baton - Inside the donut shop, on the counter.
  • Radio - Downstairs of Tyler Colvin's store; in small room near scrapyard entrance on the street.
  • Screwdriver - Upstairs of main garage, in the small workshop room off of the break room.
  • Sledge Hammer - On a crate, in the middle of the scrapyard.
  • Wrench - In the garage with the droppable car lift.



  • Lighter Fuel - Barbershop, in the room directly behind the grill.
  • Keycard - Inside Bennet's Garage ground floor in Streets of Hope. Opens a door near the entrance to the scrapyard.
  • Notebook - Currently unavailable due to a small error. It is said that this item is stuck in a wall somewhere. Since this does not affect the platinum trophy or 1000GS an update to correct this error will not happen any time soon.



For instructions to complete a specific challenge, click the corresponding image; or for a comprehensive instructions list, see Shaving Lenny challenges
Icon Name Description
Chameleon Challenge Chameleon Pick up the disguises.
Evidence Collector Challenge Evidence Collector Find the evidence.
Infiltrator Challenge Infiltrator Avoid getting spotted.
Suit Only Challenge Suit Only Avoid using disguises.
Oil Is Thicker Than Blood Challenge Oil is Thicker Than Blood It beats being feathered and tarred. (Hide all 3 of Lenny's boys in the oil vat (Streets of Hope))
Get The Mechanic Challenge Get the Mechanic You have a thousand ways to kill... and they all work! (Wear the Mechanic Disguise and kill Gavin LeBlond by dropping the car on him)
Kill Me Im The Cook Challenge Kill Me, I'm the Cook Do you smell anything funny? (Kill one of Lenny's boys by turning on the gas of a stove and igniting it)
Pump It Up Challenge Pump it Up Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. (Kill Tyler Colvin by sabotaging the gas pump and igniting it)
Shocking Challenge Shocking Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. (Kill Gavin LeBlond via electrocution from the gate (near the back entrance))
Gotta Go Challenge Gotta Go Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. (Kill Mason McCready via electrocution by detaching the wire and activating the fuse box)
Well Done Challenge Well Done Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. (Kill Mason McCready by swapping the hot sauce with Lighter Fuel)
Shave And A Haircut Challenge Shave and a Haircut Never trust a man with a razor. (Pacify Lenny in the barbershop room, whilst wearing the Barber Disguise)
Accidents Happen Challenge Accidents Happen They say that misery loves company. (Complete "Get the Mechanic", "Kill Me, I'm the Cook", "Pump It Up", "Shocking", "Gotta Go" and "Well Done")
The Weakest Link Challenge The Weakest Link Complete "Shaving Lenny".
Safety Distance Part I Challenge Safety Distance - Part 1 The garage balcony is a great place to get the scope of things. (Kill Tyler Colvin by using the Ilyon R700, whilst on the balcony of the garage)
Safety Distance Part II Challenge Safety Distance - Part 2 The 2nd floor of the convenience store is a great place to get the scope of things. (Kill Landon Metcalf by using the Ilyon R700, whilst on the 2nd floor of the convenience store) Challenge Locked
Safety Distance Part III Challenge Safety Distance - Part 3 The 2nd floor of the donut shop is a great place to get the scope of things. (Kill Gavin LeBlond by using the Ilyon R700, whilst on the 2nd floor of the donut shop) Challenge Locked
Mastery Shaving Lenny Challenge Mastery: Shaving Lenny You've taken small-town depopulation to strange new places. (Complete all challenges for this mission)



  • This mission used to be known as Streets of Hope, this name is now used as the first segment.
  • A Notebook was once required to fulfill the Lost & Found for the mission. However, due to it being trapped within the geometry of the level, it was patched and removed.
  • The television that the police are watching is showing a later cutscene with Clive Skurky and Mrs Cooper, the film is censored for some reason.
  • If you kidnap Lenny using the barber method, the cop nearby won't be react to 47's doing.
  • This mission has the second most targets (of Absolution) with Attack Of The Saints being the first with 7 targets, this mission only involves 5 targets.
  • In the second half of this mission, if you go to the fenced off kennel next to the barbecue, there is an easter egg where two dogs are having sex doggy style. 
  • This is the mission with most in common to the original hitman games, since there are multiple targets and there are no areas without targets.
  • If you throw the bone into the kennel with the barking dog, the dog will pick it up and stop barking.
  • You will never be able to cross the railroad tracks since a train happens to be passing through town whenever you approach said railroad tracks.
  • Since the Cougars are bosses, they will never check out distractions if a regular NPC also heard it as well regardless of the distances.

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Hitman Absolution - Shaving Lenny


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