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Dr. Silvio Caruso, Ph.D. is a renowned Italian bio-engineer, and one of Agent 47's targets in the HITMAN™ mission World of Tomorrow.


Arguably one of the world's finest stem cell researchers, Silvio Caruso is, however, a troubled genius: neurotic, angst-ridden and intensely socially awkward.

The last descendant in a line of rural aristocrats, Caruso is the youngest of three brothers. His mother, Isabella, a once free-spirited academic, became a widow early and never remarried. After Silvio's twin older brothers ran away from home and disappeared without a trace, Isabella clung to her one remaining son and grew bitter and possessive. For years she cowed the already shy, withdrawn and emotionally fragile Silvio, making him feel like a failure so he would remain devoted to only her.

Because of his mother's psychological abuse, Silvio developed a strong case of gynophobia, or fear of women. This of course suited Isabella just fine. Caruso had an intense love-hate relationship with his mother, but even more so, he despised himself for not being strong enough to oppose her.

Two years ago, shortly after Isabella died in her sleep from seemingly natural causes, the Ether Corporation offered Caruso to spearhead a research project with the capacity to change modern warfare and shift the global balance of power from states to individuals, a DNA-specific virus capable of targeting anyone in the world, invisible and indestructible.

The idea struck a chord with Caruso. He had always been weak, bullied as a child, taunted by girls, manipulated by his mother. But here was a weapon that could turn the weak into hunters and the powerful into prey. He persuaded Ether to install a state-of-the-art research lab at his family estate so he would not need to leave his home. Then he went to work.

Silvio Caruso's demeanor is reserved and awkward, shifting between crippling insecurity and megalomania. He speaks in fits and starts, as if social interaction causes him great physical pain.

This one might seem harmless, 47, but I assure you he is anything but.
― Target Intel


  • One of the scientists in the underground lab and one of the maids near Isabella's room can be overheard claiming that Caruso has Asperger's syndrome (characterized by high intelligence and socially awkward mannerisms among other traits).
  • Caruso hired a world-famous chef to try to replicate his mother's signature spaghetti, to no avail. A search in the kitchen's storage room reveals that she simply used store-bought cans of spaghetti sauce. The player can use these to poison the spaghetti sauce. Caruso will compliment the chef on finally getting her recipe right, before becoming ill and going to vomit over the cliff.
  • If Agent 47 impersonates Dr. Oscar Lafayette or delivers the flowers to the grave, Silvio will reveal he killed his mother by smothering her with a pillow. 47 can then kill Silvio in the exact same way.
    • During the therapy session, Silvio will state that in high school he dated a girl called Amelia. However, Isabella thought that she was a bad influence and paid one of her gardener's son to seduce her. She then took pictures of the two to force Silvio into breaking off the relationship.
  • Silvio, despite his gynophobia, is planning on conquering his fear, marrying, procreating and having a child to continue his bloodline.
  • His watch is stopped at 11:00:33.
  • His name is misspelled as "Silvo Caruso", instead of Silvio Caruso in the ICA target profile introduction screen.
  • He has hired the detective Sal Falcone to collect the DNA samples of all the people who had bullied him at school. It is heavily implied that he intended to have them all killed with the virus, despite them having moved on in their lives.
  • Caruso is aware of De Santis being a mole and keeps a sample of her DNA in a safe up in the attic. The sample can be retrieved and given to De Santis, who will destroy the sample in the mansion's fireplace. He also has a prototype of the virus encoded with De Santis' DNA inside a model ship near his bedroom.
  • According to the psychological assessment found in his mother's room, Silvio's birthday is May 9th 1983 and his age is listed as 41. The assessment was made in 2018, which would make him 42 during the time the mission is set.
    • However, Silvio's age is incorrect, as going by his birthday, he would have been 34 at the time of the assessment. This would make him no older than 36 at the time of his assassination.
  • Silvio has a seaplane that he can use to escape, making him one of the two targets in the game to be able to do so (the other being Yuki Yamazaki via the gondola lift in GAMA). This plane can be shot down by 47 for the Error Plane challenge.
  • If 47 holds Silvio at gunpoint, he will start to break down and cry, claiming that it is "just like the time Abiatti pushed me down the well". He then begs for his life, stating he is still a virgin and asks 47 for mercy.
  • Despite being a world-class biologist, Caruso seems to believe in the supernatural, as he is convinced that his late mother's spirit still haunts her room.
  • Silvio's brothers, Renzo and Orlando Caruso, were to be targets in an unreleased Elusive Target titled "The Brothers" set in A House Built on Sand. The briefing as well as playable gameplay was able to be extracted from the game.