Sister Yulduz is a target in mission The Source, a bonus mission in HITMAN™. She is the second in-command of the doomsday cult "Liberation."


Sister Yulduz is the "chosen sister" of Nabazov's cult. This indicates she holds a high rank, and has many organizational responsibilities. If Nabazov is the charismatic prophet, Yulduz is the one who makes it all run like clockwork. ICA files link her to "disappearances" of cult members never reported to authorities.

Interestingly, she has been in contact with former CICADA mercenaries, seeking "extraction support." Additionally, analysis of her banking patterns indicates a pattern of investments into security and pharmaceutical companies. Investments that would profit from a sudden outbreak of plague. She appears to be playing both sides: organizing a cult attack, and planning to profit from it.


  • If Oybek Nabazov is eliminated, Sister Yulduz will go downstairs to the east garden where she spends the rest of the mission with the militia soldiers.
    • When disguised as the militia soldier, 47 can approach Sister Yulduz and she will follow him.
  • In all main and bonus missions, she is the only target that Diana Burnwood does not anounce her presense when she is in 47's proximity.