This is a list of all opportunities in Situs Inversus. Hopefully this will help you in killing the targets. There is over 5 opportunities in this episode that will kill the two targets in funny and either professional ways.

No Smoking

This will kill Yuki Yamazaki with a pack of cigarettes. Go to the lift on the left of your room and you will hear two guards talking about Yukki’s smoking problem. Follow it from there.


This will not kill Eric Soders but give you the chief surgeon disguise instead giving you access to nearly every room just wait inside the room with the sleeping guard inside;knock out the sleeping guard and put him inside the closet and wait for the helicopter pilot to walk in and take it from there.

Thrill Seeker

This will poison Yuki Yamazaki so you can drown her in the toilet. Make your way too the kitchen and the opportunity will reveal itself to you. If not get a chef disguise and grab a kinfe and go inside the freezer and cut the fish on the counter.


This one you can usually hear over the intercom of the hospital “Jason Portman” This will get you the surgeon disguise. First find Jason Portman. He is located near the East or West doors if you bump into him he will have bandages around his face so you know you have found the right guy. Then the opportunity will reveal itself.

Hot Springs

This will kill Yuki Yamazaki by pushing her of a cliff in a funny way. First make your way too the spa onto the deck near the mountain there is a “Yoga Schedule” on a stool pick it up and the opportunity will reveal itself. And Diana will tell you about it.

Tell-Tale Heart

This will kill Eric Soders.First make your way down to the mourge were two doctors are doing a autopsy and having a conversation. This will reveal the opportunity to you.

Ghost in the Machine

This will fail the hardware thats keeping Eric Soders alive. First make your way to the security room and on the desk there is a manual saying about the robot that is a guide to the hospital. The opportunity will start there.

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