Skip Muldoon was the captain and owner of the steamboat Emily, which he used as a cover for the drug operations of his gang.


Muldoon was born in a Mississippi town with over 10,000 citizens and only 12 last names. He has a son named Buddy Muldoon and a brother named John LeBlanc. He is popularly known as the captain of the steamboat Emily, which has been winning awards since the 1990s. Muldoon was also secretly a drug smuggler, in charge of two gangs called the "Gator Gang" and the "Blueclaws". Six of his assistants lived aboard Emily with him, all presumably heterosexuals and at least one sharing a room with his girlfriend. He is a hunting enthusiast, and received a high-tech FN-2000 rifle from a business associate.

Agent 47 was hired to kill Skip and the members of the Gator Gang aboard the Emily and recover a file of compromising photos of Muldoon committing incest with his niece/daughter-in-law Margeaux LeBlanc. He was shortly afterwards buried at his family mansion.


He is bisexual and prefers waiters who all dress in sailors attire. He has an incestuous relationship with his niece and daughter in law, Margeaux LeBlanc. During 47's hit on Skip, he had to retrieve some files which contained photos of Skip Muldoon's incest, as per the client's request[1]. He also likes cakes and other pastries. He speaks in a high-pitch Southern accent and outwardly flirts with the waiters (including 47 if approached while disguised as one).



  • Skip has a unique running animation compared with other male NPCs. This is probably due to his overweight physique and sexual orientation.
  • If you approach him dressed as a 1st Class Purser, he says "I ordered cake... It's a confectionery baked good. Could you be a good boy and fetch it for us? Maybe I'll let you taste some of my sweet stuff...". However, it doesn't seem like he actually goes with 47 in private and it doesn't present an opportunity to kill him.
  • Skip and his gang were killed on January 12, 2005.
  • It is possible for 47 to kill both Skip and his son Buddy Muldoon with a poisoned cake. 47 can poison the cake that is delivered to Skip, and 47 can also poison the wedding cake in Till Death Do Us Part to kill Buddy as both men sample the frosting on their respective cakes.


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