Somthing Out of Place is a Challenge in the feats catergory.



  • Place a weapon and have a guard find it.



  • None


The challenge can be completed at any time during the mission by having a guard pick up a weapon from the ground. If you take out a guard and hide his body but do not pick up his weapon, that weapon will remain in place and another guard could find it if they walk by. You can also place weapons anywhere yourself by dropping them where you stand. When a guard spots a weapon he will become distracted and move towards it. He will pick up the weapon and then move it to a specific location where you can then retrieve it. You will complete this mission when the guard pick the weapon up from the ground.

Video Guide

If you have an easier time learning by watching, you can check the video for a walkthrough of the challenge.

Made By - Zupreme Completionist-1

Made By - Zupreme Completionist-1


Start off by picking up the lockpick from the table infront of you and then head towards the gate on the east side. Walk past the three Yacht Security guards and then pick the gate's lock to enter. Head to the generator which is located through the northern most entrance and not the southern door. Before turning the generator off, equip and then drop your silenced pistol on the ground right next to it. Now turn the generator off and go back the way you came in order to hide behind the wall. The guard will now turn around in order to investigate the generator. However as soon as he spots the weapon lying on the ground, he will turn his focus to that instead. He will walk up to the weapon and pick it up. This is enough to complete the mission.

You can now take out the guard when he has turned around in order to retrieve your weapon again. You can do this to also get his disguise and there is a closet in the same room where you can hide the body. If you do not take out the guard, then he will head into the next room and put down your weapon in a specific location. He will then return to the generator in order to turn it on again. You can pick up your weapon again from the same location where he put it down.