The Soviet Soldier outfit is a disguise that can be found in HITMAN™.


Worn by the soldiers in The Final Test. The disguise grants access to the whole map except for the radio room.

Some other soldiers (enforcers) can recognise you. However, it is generally easy to bypass them.


The Soviet Soldier outfit appears in the following missions:



  • While the Airfield Security guards in the same map have almost all English sounding names, almost all Soviet Soldiers have Eastern European names.
  • Not all Soviet Soldiers have Russian names. There are a couple of English sounding names in the group and for some reason, also a bunch of Polish names. Some of the Polish names even includes polish letters in the game itself, such as "Ł" and "Ź". In fact, Poland was never officially part of the Soviet Union although it was basically under Soviet control and influence.
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