Spaulding Burke was the US Vice President under Tom Stewart.


Hitman: Blood Money

He was killed in a staged car accident when his limo swerved out of control, flipped over traffic and was hit by a southbound tractor trailer at roughly March 17, 2004 at 5.40 pm. Burke's Chief of Staff, two aides and the limo driver also in the car were killed. The driver, Carl Wagner, immigrated from Austria in 1999 and despite not having proper citizenship to either country, made it into the Secret Service and became a trusted driver for Burke for many years.

A few months after his death, Congress voted in Daniel Morris as the new Vice President.


Burke was survived by his wife, Tabitha Porter Burke, and two children, Andrew, 8, and Elizabeth, 6. Burke is pictured in his obituary and appears to be an elderly white male. With such young children, it's likely that Tabitha is much younger than him, possibly based on Fred Thompson and his wife. Burke and Thompson also look a bit alike, and are Republican.