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Stallion Armaments is an arms and defense manufacturing corporation that is the main rival to Dexter Industries in the U.S and international markets.


According to the Sniper Challenge intro, Stallion Armaments started out as an ammunitions sub-contractor during the first Gulf War, presumably to the U.S. military. Now one of the top 5 international arms companies, it specializes in high-powered assault rifles as well as military purpose nanotechnology research. The company has since become known for its tendencies to bend the rules and for selling western-made weapons to governments and insurgents in third-world countries[1]. The file also mentions a much-debated "Iranian connection".

Hitman: Absolution

Stallion Armaments was headed by Richard Strong, who previously had owned a company called Strong Arms, which may have served as the foundation for the company. For unknown reasons, they also wish to capture Victoria and are actively pursuing her abduction.

They formed some sort of alliance with the Hope Cougars and are seeking to kidnap her from Dexter Industries as part of a plan dubbed "Operation Mountain Lion".[2]

At some point before Absolution, the penthouse of the CEO of Stallion Armaments was attacked by an unknown bald assailant, leaving 14 WolfGuard bodyguards dead as well as the CEO. It's hinted in Issue 5 of the Hope News Times that Blake Dexter's company Dexter Industries, which managed to buy 34% of Stallion Armaments after Strong's death, may have been the ones who ordered the hit.[3]This is confirmed in the Blake Dexter ICA File trailer. Ironically, the bullets used in the Sniper Challenge were made by Stallion Armaments. It's unknown who runs Stallion Armaments since Strong's death, though the company is still active.


  • Stallion Armaments is Dexter Industries' leading competitors.



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