TMP is a weapon found in Hitman: Blood Money. In-game, the magazine holds 25 rounds.

Along with MP7 and MP9, this machine pistol can be used while performing Human Shield.


  • Death of a Showman - A hidden TMP with 666 rounds can be found by looking in the trash heap by the two guards after throwing the coin at the target during the tutorial sequence. Another one can be found in the bathroom after the drug lab.
  • A Vintage Year - Carried by Manuel Delgado.
  • Flatline - Carried by some bodyguards, and can be found in the security office inside the main building.
  • You Better Watch Out… - On the studio floor in the room just to the west of the elevator. It is inside the weapon storage crate just inside the room to the left, or on a guard near the stairwell.
  • A House of Cards - Found inside the ICA crate for free, and carried by bodyguards in Casino and outside room 803.




  • Real Steyr TMPs use 15, 20, and 30-round magazines. Their barrels are also factory threaded so they can also be fitted with suppressors.
  • There is a civilian model called the Steyr SPP available for purchase, which has been redesigned to only a semi-automatic weapon, per laws of gun ownership in the U.S.. In 2001, Steyr sold their designs of the TMP to a weapon manufacturer, Brugger & Thomet, who later developed the very similar-looking weapon, the Brugger & Thomet MP9 (not to be confused with the Ruger MP9), which isn't featured in Hitman: Blood Money.


  • The SMG ammo found throughout the game is the magazine used by the TMP.
  • Unrealistically, the TMP featured in the game is very uncontrollable, unlike in real life, where it is considered one of the most controllable machine pistols in existence. Thus you will want to fire in burst just to control it.