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Temple City Ambush is the 17th mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and is set in India. It is the first of a three-part mission, culminating in the hit on the leaders of a sacred cult based in India.

Target(s): Assassins (x2)


47 — this is Agency, Diana speaking.

Your mission is to gain access to the sacred cult through a secret passage from behind one of the shops.

Our client was doublecrossed in Afghanistan — that chopper plus cargo was stolen by this cult. And now he wants you to retrieve it.

We have some information that a couple of thugs are on the prowl inside looking for suspicious foreigner — so check your map and watch your step.

You'll find your contact inside in the "International Parcel Service". He will have more info on your mission.

Be careful, 47 — rumor has it there's a very powerful foe lurking in the shadows somewhere close to the cult leader, wherever he is.

47, I repeat — dodge the assassins, find your contact, and he'll brief you on further mission details.

Diana Burnwood


  • Snub Nosed Revolver - Carried by all of the guards.
  • R93 Sniper - Carried by two of the assassins.
  • SP12 Shotgun - Laying by your initial contact and inside a small storage unit with several large bags north of the west open market area.
  • 9mm Pistol SD - Carried by one of the assassins.
  • MP5 - Carried by one of the assassins.
  • SMG-SD6 - Carried by the purple turban assassin.
  • Desert Eagle - Inside Agent Smith's office.


  • Cult Member
  • Indian male



  • During this mission's briefing, Diana informs Agent 47 about a powerful, shadowy foe, who guards Cult leader. This is a reference to Agent 17, who is encountered in later missions, and is also a cloned assassin.
    • Agent 17 can also be seen in the "Hijack" video given to player before the mission, strangling a Russian guard who had held Indian cult members on gunpoint.
  • This is the second mission in the game which had female guards, first being The Jacuzzi Job.
  • Despite being targets, the two assassins appear as enemies (orange points) on the map instead of targets (red).
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