The Absolver is a unique Aries Charging Ram carried by LaSandra Dixon, A member of the elite female assassin group, The Saints.


"The Charging Ram is the pinnacle of revolver design, powerful and intimidating with immense stopping power. Ominously, this weapon was named 'The Absolver' by its previous owner."

A .44 Magnum revolver that is based upon the Taurus Raging Bull manufactured by the Taurus International Firearm Company of Brazil, the Raging Bull line of revolvers is actually a large line that includes models for well over a dozen calibers, though the model upon which The Absolver is based upon is most likely the Model 444, which chambers the .44 Magnum caliber round (though it can also fire the shorter .44 Special round). Its cylinder has a six-round capacity, and in the game The Absolver is modified with a very formal engraving of white barbed wire running the length of its six-inch barrel, which offsets nicely to the heavy black bluing finish.