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The Girl is a character that appears in The Meat King's Party of Hitman: Contracts.


Hitman: Contracts

She is the daughter of a wealthy Romanian ICA client.

She is a VIP that needs to be rescued from the Meat King's Slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, 47 found the young girl already dead in a back room; her body mutilated and left hanging upside down. She was kidnapped by Campbell Sturrock, also known as the Romanian "Meat King", and later killed in a disturbing ritual by Malcolm, his psychotic brother. During the months prior to her death, it is assumed that she was frequently raped and tortured by Malcolm, as she is seen with her eyes gouged out and her arm severed off her body. Despite being brutally tortured by Malcolm, 47 is not required to kill him and his death is optional. 47 was not able to retrieve her body, but he avenged her by killing Campbell (and possibly Malcolm as well), as well as the lawyer who helped him get away with the crime.


Her appearance while alive and dead differ significantly, most likely due to decay. She has blonde hair and snow white skin.



  • She is the only VIP whose death was scripted and unpreventable.
  • Strangely, If 47 gets close enough to the girl's body, the player can hear woman's laughs.