The Jungle God is the 7th mission in Hitman: Codename 47. Agent 47 must find a way to get past the U'wa Tribe's god of death, the ancient jaguar god Tezcatlipoca.

This is the second of a series of missions where Agent 47 must eliminate Pablo Ochoa.


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After returning the U'wan Idol and saving the U'wa Chieftain's brother, the U'wa Tribe gave Agent 47 access to the second part of the village.

Agent 47 must find a way to get past the U'wa Tribe's god of death, Tezcatlipoca, and gain access through the secret passage to Pablo Ochoa's camp, where Agent 47 can finally finish his task of eliminating Ochoa.

Mission Briefing

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The Indian tribe knows a secret passage to Pablo's camp. It is a small hidden tunnel through the mountains. The passage is guarded by what the Indians call "Tezcatlipoca", the god of death. We have a video that proves that this "god" is merely a very large jaguar. But that does not make it any less dangerous.

Diana Burnwood, Controller, The Agency


  1. Find the secret passage to Pablo's camp.

Reward: $5,000



The Jungle God Map

Find the secret passage to the drug lord's camp. A hungry jaguar guards the secret passage.
Do not kill the jaguar. It is a holy beast to the Indian Tribe. Find another way to get past it.


Weapons that have been bought/picked up are carried over from Find the U'wa Tribe




Any disguise worn from Find the U'wa Tribe will be carried over.


  • The player can actually run past Tezcatlipoca to the secret passage instead of sacrificing a boar to distract it.
    • The player can also use a soldier's body as a distraction.
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