The Last Yardbird is the first Sniper Assassin mission in HITMAN™ 2.


Agent 47 or Knight and Stone are sent to Austria to eliminate three of the remaining four members of The Yardbirds, a gang of thieves who was famous for many heists with the most famous one was the heist on Shamal Casino in Las Vegas. However the heist turned out to be a disaster because the money they stole was property of organized criminals and in consequence they faced a series of retaliation. The five members of the gang - Aleksander Kovac, Kalvin Ritter, Dorian Lang, Guillaume Maison and Doris Lee - decided to hide away the money, went into hiding and will open the coffer when the dust is settled.

Many years later, during the time of the contract, except for Kalvin Ritter the remaining four members were still alive. However, Guillaume Maison was running out of money, so he decided to organize a wedding ceremony for Elizabeth Lang, Dorian Lang's daughter at his mansion in Austria and invited Doris Lee as a special guest for the event, in hope of successfully convince the other two members to open the coffer during the reunion. Doris Lee, who like Guillaume Maison was also running out of money and was eagerly to get her hands on the casino loot, accepted the invite. Aleksander Kovac, the founder of The Yardbirds, heard about the gathering of the remaining three colleagues and decided to contact ICA, and ordered a contract to eliminate those three and all of their bodyguards in a bid to get all the money for himself. 47 or Knight and Stone set up a sniper nest, successfully eliminate the three former members of The Yardbirds and all of their bodyguards during the wedding ceremony.


Method-icon-2018 Dorian Lang

Method-icon-2018 Guillaume Maison

Method-icon-2018 Doris Lee

Objective-icon-2018 Eliminate as many bodyguards as possible.

Mission Briefing

"Welcome to Austria, Agent 47.

Your targets are Dorian Lang, Guillaume Maison and Doris Lee, three remaining members of the international gang of thieves known as The Yardbirds. The Yardbirds were famous for their daring heists, in particular, one that took place against Shamal Casino in Las Vegas.

However, the money proved to be property of organized criminals who in turn launch a campaign of violence and retaliation in an effort to identify the thieves and find the money. Feeling the earth burning beneath them, the Yardbirds entered into a secret agreement: the treasure would remain hidden and once the dust settled, the last remaining member would inherit everything.

The group retired and all members vanished from sight until Kalvin Ritter, The Sparrow, was found dead on his yacht, but the remaining members remained elusive. The group never gathered in one place but today is a special occasion: the wedding of Elizabeth Lang is taking place at the palatial home of Guillaume Maison, with Doris Lee as a special guest.

Our client is Aleksander Kovak, the founder of the Yardbirds. He has stipulated that all three targets and their bodyguards must be eliminated at this event. Should any of the Yardbirds escape, the contract is invalidated.

Look like Kovak is making his final bid for the lost millions. Good luck."
― Single Player In-Game Briefing by Diana Burnwood
Stone: Welcome to Austria, Knight. Our targets are Dorian Lang, Guillaume Maison, and Doris Lee. Three of the four remaining members of The Yardbirds.
Knight: I remember these guys from the history books. Big hit on the Shamal Casino in Vegas. Got away with millions in cash.

Stone: That's the one in the front page, yeah, but it was hardly the only job they'd pulled. Diamond dealers, banks, you name it. But the casino, that was the turning point for the group.

Knight: Stealing money from organize crime is a life-changing career choice. Any truth to those secret pact conspiracy theory? Wait until the thing to blow over, last man standing gets the millions or something like that.

Stone: That's the files says. After the heist, the group disappeared from the world. Kalvin Ritter, the Sparrow, found dead in his yacht in '98. The rest simply vanished.

Knight: Fast forward couple decades later and now we're at the Maison's Austrian mansion, about to shoot up a wedding of Lang's daughter. I'm assuing the owners finally caught up to them.

Stone: Actually, no. Turns out Yardbird founder Aleksander Kovak grew tired of waiting for the money, so he put out a contract on the rest of the crew. No Yardbird leaves the wedding alive. And he wants the bodyguards dead for good measure as well.

Knight: Sounds to me like he's just upset about not getting invited to the wedding... Well, let's get to it.
― In game- COOP briefing by Stone and Knight


Name Description Type Score Multiplier Reward
A Head Of The Curve Eliminate all targets with headshot. Assassination 1.12
Sleeping With The Fishes Eliminate and hide five targets in water. Assassination 1.08
Clean Slate Eliminate and hide all targets. Assassination 1.10
Smokestack Lightnin' Eliminate three targets by electrocution within thirty seconds. Assassination 1.10
Heavy Burden Eliminate the three main targets with the same suspended object. Assassination 1.10
Killer Shot Eliminate Dorian Lang and Guillaume Maison with the loudspeaker outside the art gallery. Assassination 1.09
Got A Light. Eliminate the three main targets with the same explosion. Assassination 1.14
Touch And Go Eliminate the three main targets while they are escaping. Assassination 1.08
No Loose Ends Eliminate all bodyguards after starting the evacuation. Assassination 1.10
Boom Boom Eliminate five targets in explosion within thirty seconds. Assassination 1.09
Bodysnatcher Eliminate all bodyguards. Assassination 1.05
An Elabyrinth Plot Eliminate Dorian Lang and Doris Lee with the statue in the maze. Assassination 1.10
A Waltz With Death Eliminate seven targets during bridal waltz. Assassination 1.09
Agnomaly Shoot the 6 gnomes hidden in the map. Feat 1.07
Hawkeye Shoot all the hawks. Feat 1.06
Art Critic
  • Shoot at the painting on the second floor of the mansion.
  • Wait for the art critic to fix the painting then shoot at it again.
Feat 1.05
Prometheus Shoot at the campfire in a cave below the helipad. Feat 1.04
Faithless Shoot at the priest's wine glass before the bride reach the altar. Feat 1.04
How Do You Due? Shoot 10 pigeons hidden around the map. Feat 1.07
Psycho Daisies Shoot the bridal bouquet Feat 1.04
Blackout Turn off the lights in all rooms of the mansion Feat 1.06
And He Shall Rice Shoot at the sack of rice. Feat 1.04
Quacker Than The Eye Shoot the 10 rubber ducks hidden around the map. Feat 1.07
Kiln Time Destroy all 47 vases around the map. Feat 1.06
Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? Shoot the two rats in the kitchen. Feat 1.04
Take A Hike Shoot the fence when the tourist is nearby. Feat 1.04
The Higher You Climb
  • Shoot at the bottle of the jumper.
  • Kill the jumper when he start his jump.
Feat 1.08



  • There are no disguises in this mission.


  • There are no additional weapons in this mission.


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