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The Lee Hong Assassination is the 5th mission in Hitman: Codename 47. The remake of the same name is subsequently the 11th mission in Hitman: Contracts.


  • Lee Hong

Hitman: Codename 47


Now that Lee Hong and the Red Dragon Triad has lost most of their nobility and protection, Agent 47 is now able to get to Lee Hong. Hong stay's held up in his mansion in the back behind the fish restaurant, along with his beefy and tough companion, Tzun.

Even though the Red Dragons are weakened, they are still a force to be reckoned with, still fielding a small army. The player must find their way to Lee Hong and successfully assassinate him, along with obtaining his jade figurine.

Mission Briefing

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Good job.

The plan is working. The police have withdrawn their protection of Lee Hong, and many of his connections are scared. Lee Hong is now accessible, but it still remains quite a challenge - Hong has a small army to protect him.

This mission will be very complex. Take your time and explore the location before committing to action. Best wishes.

Diana Burnwood, controller, The Agency


  1. Find safe combination.
  2. Find safe location.
  3. Deliver jade figure to herbal shop.
  4. Eliminate Lee Hong.
  5. Captured agent must survive.
  6. Escape to rendezvous point.

Reward: $15,000


The Lee Hong Assassination Mansion Map

Our customer wants Lee Hong dead, and the Jade Figure that empowers him.
This figure is very valuable, both in terms of money and symbolism. Locate this artifact and bring it to the clerk in the Herbal Shop inside the restaurant. He will know what to do with it.
Intelligence has informed that one agent is missing during the undercover work at Lee Hong's restaurant. His last report described a vast tunnel complex beneath the restaurant. We believe that he is being held hostage somewhere down there. We have transferred all info to your map.
Lee Hong runs a brothel on the second floor. It has been marked on your map. Lee Hong's appetite for women may be one of his weak spots.
When the triad have been alarmed they will seal off the whole area. Use Lee Hong's speed boat to get into clear waters where a pickup has been arranged for you.


  • Red Dragon Triad members




  • AK Ammo - Obtained in the Guard's Quarters and the Basement
  • SMG ammo - can be found in the Brothel and Guard's Quarters.
  • Sniper ammo - obtained in the Guard's Quarters.





  • Despite using a Desert Eagle in the poison cutscene, 47 obtains a Hardballer from Tzun after the cutscene and Tzun uses a Hardballer if alerted in normal gameplay.
  • The unique fat guard outside the Brothel will only drop his Hardballer if unalerted, it will stick to his hand and not drop to the ground if he is killed while alerted.

Hitman: Contracts


The following contain spoilers. Click "show" to continue.

All the pieces are in place, 47! Lee Hong's been backed into a corner. He's hunkered down in his stronghold. We did have a man in there, but we haven't heard from him in weeks. Assassinate Hong, get his Jade Figurine and come on home. You've got to succeed on this one, 47. There won't be any second chances.

DETAILS: Lee Hong has been weakened and you've got your opportunity to strike now. He's retreated to his own stronghold, The Emperor's Garden Restaurant. It's a popular well-known place and appears legitimate, but there's a lot going on beneath the surface. We have a man inside who may be able to help you, but haven't heard from him in weeks. Remember, Lee Hong is weakened, but he's still very dangerous, very cautious and recent events have obviously put his guard up. After Hong has been eliminated, get his Jade figurine, it's symbolic value is enormous. No one has led the Red Dragon triad without possessing it. The death of Hong and the disappearance of the jade figurine will throw the triad into chaos. Good luck, 47- for once I think you'll need it.

TARGET: Lee Hong. Leader of the Red Dragon triad.

INFO: Lee Hong is weakened and has withdrawn to his base of operations, a formidable stronghold fronted by a legitimate restuarant. Hong can feel the noose tightening, so he's on the defensive.


INFO: Red Dragon leaders wield this jade figurine the way ancient kings weilded their scepters. If none of Hong's men can claim it, none can assume command and they will collapse into anarchy.

Diana Burnwood


  • Find safe combination.
  • Find safe location.
  • Retrieve the jade figurine.
  • Eliminate Lee Hong.
  • Captured agent must survive.
  • Escape to rendezvous point.



  • Micro Uzi - Carried by nearly all of the guards and inside the weapons room at the south end of the restaurant basement.
  • Silenced Micro Uzi - Carried by one of the guards and inside the weapons room at the south end of the restaurant basement.
  • Sawn-off shotgun - Carried by the bartender.
  • AK-74 - Inside the small guard rooms, the weapons room, and the restaurant basement safe room. Also can be found on the restaurant second floor. They are also carried by all of the guards in the mansion.
  • M60 - Inside the small guard rooms at the north and south ends of the restaurant basement.
  • W2000 Sniper - Inside the weapons room at the south end of the restaurant basement.
  • Gold Desert Eagle - Carried by Zun.
  • Dual silenced Micro Uzis - Bonus weapon for achieving a Silent Assassin rating.



  • Suit: Good only for accessing the public areas of the restaurant.
  • Guard: Useful at the beginning of the level but later the usefulness degrades.
  • Red Dragon: As useful as the bodyguard disguise except Zun will not immediately see through the disguise.
  • Waiter/Cook: Very useful in sending Zun off to the toilet after adding laxatives to the soup, so Lee Hong can be killed and dragged around the edge of the table, where Zun will not spot his corpse. However, it does not have access to the mansion.


Codename 47



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