The Massacre Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant is the 4th level of Hitman: Codename 47. The police have stepped in to preserve the peace of the triads and prevent a gang war. The mission was remade in Hitman: Contracts as The Seafood Massacre.

This is the 4th and final mission needed to open up Lee Hong's defenses.


  • Red Dragon Negotiator
  • Hong Kong Chief of Police


Due to Agent 47's actions, the local police have become concerned. The police were paid by the Red Dragon Triad for protection against the Blue Lotus. The chief of police has arranged a meeting between the triads to try and broker a truce.

If the police think the Red Dragon Triad are responsible for killing the chief, then they will remove their protection for Lee Hong, allowing Agent 47 to move in.

Mission Briefing

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The hit on the Blue Lotus Triad has triggered a full-scale war between the triads. The district police chief, being on both triad's payroll, is quite concerned with the current predicament.

A truce meeting between the two triads has been arranged by the police chief. The meeting takes place on neutral ground in a small Chinese fish restaurant. If this mission is success, Lee Hong will be within your grasp.

Diana Burnwood, controller, The Agency


  1. Eliminate the Red Dragon Negotiator.
  2. Hide the body of the Red Dragon Negotiator.
  3. Eliminate the Chief of Police.
  4. Place a Red Dragon Amulet inside the restaurant.
  5. Escape to the rendezvous point.

Reward: $15,000


HC47 The Massacre at the Cheng Chau Fish Restaurant Map

The Massacre at the Cheng Chau Fish Restaurant Map

The meeting will take place at the Cheng Chau Fish Restaurant, which is located on neutral ground. Taking out the Chief of Police in this place will expand the conflict and lift the police protection of Lee Hong.
You must therefore make sure that any survivors or witnesses believe that Lee Hong instigated the killing. Dressing up as a Red Dragon member could do the trick.
Leave a Red Dragon Amulet inside the restaurant in order to further incriminate Lee Hong's triad. Lee Hong's negotiator will be carrying an amulet you can use.






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