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The Mortar is a retrofitted Soviet-era train and the setting of Untouchable, the epilogue mission of HITMAN™ III.


According to research gathered by Ether's Acquisitions Manager, the train was nicknamed "The Mortar" after the Baba Yaga's favorite means of transportation. Originally a KGB black site commissioned by legendary Sixth Column spymaster, Janus, over the years the train was utilized as a top secret data archive and mobile prisoner interrogation facility. The train runs on a perpetual loop from Zagreb in the West to Irkutsk in the East, cutting across vast uninhabited stretches of Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Mongolia, using a system of decommissioned rail lines.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the train was stationed near Volgograd until it was purchased by the Ether Corporation as a sample backup storage facility. Following the bombing of Ether's R&D site in Johannesburg, they began refitting the train as as mobile field lab.


47 scales the frozen train.

After Agent 47 was intentionally poisoned and incapacitated in Argentina as part of Diana Burnwood's ruse to get him close enough to Arthur Edwards, the former Constant and new leader of Providence, he woke up in the medical carriage of the train, which was at the time en route to a CICADA base in Mongolia to continue experimentation on him. After the Providence operatives on board picked up Edwards from a stop in Sarajevo, Ether's serum was scheduled to be prepared and administered in order to wipe 47's memories.

Edwards offers the serum.

However, 47 managed to make his way through dozens of guards, uncoupling the train from Edwards' private car and eventually confronting Edwards himself. Afterwards, he manually halted the train and abandoned it on a bridge.


  • Edwards' car contains a version of the Snow Festival Suit hanging up near the exit, a nod to Arrival and the very first suit we see 47 wear in the trilogy. He exits the train in this suit by default.
  • The train may also be a nod to the train seen in the cinematic Partners, Then?, aboard which Edwards would make his first deal with Diana Burnwood; its aboard The Mortar that would provide Edwards the ultimate fruition of that deal.
  • The Mortar's connection to Janus may be a reference to the 1995 James Bond movie GoldenEye, wherein main antagonist Alec Trevelyan, who also uses the alias Janus, uses a soviet missile train as a mobile base of operations. Sean Bean, the actor portraying Alec Trevelyan in the movie, also appears as an Elusive Target Mark Faba in Hitman 2.