The Motorcade Interception is the 15th mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, set in Nuristan (Afghanistan). It is the 2nd of the 3 part mission on the cargo retrieval.


Mission briefing

47-. Your target is a local khan, Abdul Bismillah Malik. You won't have any trouble recognising him — his picture is on posters all over the city.

He's currently trying to sell the cargo to the UN which is here to checkout the goods later today.

The khan is returning to his palace together with a contigency of UN troops. They will arrive from the east along the road.

Eliminate him before he reaches his palace — but without harming any of the UN soldiers. It would be detrimental to the business, 47 — so keep it clean!

The villagers are a bit edgy if they catch a foreigner carrying big guns around within their perimeter — so watch your move.


Motorcade Interception Map




  • Civilian
  • Soldier
  • UN Soldier (It is possible to get UN disguise without harming the soldiers or by using cheats)


  • Unless you climb upstairs on any of the buildings, the motorcade will never arrive.
    • This is not the case in the Steam version; if you wait long enough, the motorcade will eventually arrive regardless of whether or not you get on the buildings.
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