The Russian Generals are four members of the Russian Army who all attended a meeting in the Pushkin Building in St. Petersburg. All of their deaths are ordered by Sergei Zavorotko.


Originally, the four generals were all mere KGB officers during the time of the Soviet Union. After the fall of the Kremlin, many ambitious ex-KGB officers (including them) suddenly found themselves underpaid, understaffed and under equipped, so they had to do zapodlo (shady business) with the underworld just to make ends meet.

The commodity these officers usually trade in is arms - of all kinds and quantities. Now corruption, not control, rules the country. And these officers still have connections high in the nomenklatura (members of the government elite) - as well as access to nuclear weapons, which they plan to sell to the local vor (crime boss) of one of the biggest mafia organizations, who doublecrossed them, ordering their deaths one by one, with the help of the ICA and Agent 47.

The Generals

The Unidentified General

Simply known as The Russian General, Rinat S. Rumyantsev is the first of the generals to be killed. He is killed at the meeting in St. Petersburg Stakeout. According to what Diana says when Agent 47 is trying to identify him, he is right handed, drinks a lot, is a non-smoker and is bald.

General Makarov

Makarov meets with his Mafia connection, Igor Kubasko, in Kirov Park Meeting, attempting to investigate the assassination of the first Russian general. Both are killed by 47.

General Bardachenko

Mikhail Bardachenko appears in Tubeway Torpedo, where he is torturing Agent Smith in the basement to get information out of him, regarding the death of two of his comrades. 47 rescues Smith, again, and kills Bardachenko.

General Zhupikov

Vladimir Zhupikov plans to defect to Germany out of fear being killed like the rest of his colleagues. He also took with him a missile guidance system, which he intended to sell to the highest bidder after he arrived in Germany, so a Spetsnaz Agent is also sent to kill him. 47 is tasked to kill him, as ordered by Sergei Zavorotko, and to retrieve the suitcase, containing the missile guidance system.


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