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Disambig.png This article is about The Sarajevo Six bonus contracts. For the organization, see SIGMA.

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The Sarajevo Six is a series of connected bonus contracts in HITMAN™, centered around the six man mercenary unit of the same name. Formally known as SIGMA, The Sarajevo Six were targeted by the International Contract Agency for war crimes they had committed during the Siege of Sarajevo. There are six contracts in total, each one taking place in a different location.

The Sarajevo Six is exclusive to the Playstation 4 version of HITMAN™. Unlike the vast majority of content featured in HITMAN™, The Sarajevo Six contracts cannot be imported into HITMAN™ 2, even for Playstation 4 owners.


The SIGMA mercenary unit was a six man group that worked as private military contractors for the CICADA corporation. After a string of atrocities committed during the Siege of Sarajevo in the nineties, they became better known as The Sarajevo Six. Despite their infamy, they never faced military tribunals for their actions and escaped punishment for their crimes. Decades later, the ICA receive six contracts, one for each member of the now disbanded unit. Agent 47 was tasked with the assassination of The Six.

The contracts stipulated that they were to be eliminated in a specific order; with one exception, the six were targeted in order of their rank within the unit, in descending order. Following the mysterious disappearances of the former unit's two highest ranking members, the remaining members of The Sarajevo Six began to grow suspicious. Following the death of a third member, their suspicions were confirmed and they understood that they were being hunted down. Their realization of this was valueless however, as 47 continued to eliminate them one by one without issue, despite the ever-increasing security presence.

With five out of the six former collegues eliminated, the ICA turned their sights on the final target, Taheiji Koyama. Koyama was suffering from a rare genetic disorder, and had been moved to the Hokkaido GAMA facility, though his condition was deteriotating rapidly by and large due to his prior and unusual refusal of medical treatment. Unlike the other five contracts, the contract against Koyama had a secondary objective: 47 was to retrieve Koyama's SIGMA operation files from the hospital staff and release them to the public, so the world would know of the crimes they and CICADA committed.

To the surprise of the ICA, however, when 47 met Taheiji Koyama, he greeted his assassin and admitted that he himself was the client that had placed the six contracts. He reveals that following a particularly brutal raid that resulted in the deaths of dozens of refugees, Koyama was filled with deep remorse and guilt over his actions and eventally came to the conclusion that he and the other members of the unit deserved death for the crimes they had committed. He had previously been refusing medical treatment for his genetic disorder in hopes that it would eventually kill him, but the condition worsened, and he feared that he would die before the agency had assassinated him, a fate he felt he was more deserving of.

With Taheiji Koyama eliminated, The Sarajevo Six were a thing of the past. As requested, Diana Burnwood forwarded the files but had doubts that anything would come from it. 47 agreed with the sentiment, believing that the world would pay no attention.


Image Location Name Target
The Showstopper-Challenges.png
Paris The Director Scott Sarno
World Of Tomorrow - Challenge Card - notext.png
Sapienza The Enforcer Gary Lunn
A Gilded Cage - Challenge Card (2018).jpg
Marrakesh The Extractor Walter Menard
Club 27 - Challenge Card (2018).jpg
Bangkok The Veteran John Stubbs
Freedom Fighters - Challenge Card - notext.png
Colorado The Mercenary Patrick Morgan
Situs Inversus-Challenge Card-notext.png
Hokkaido The Controller Taheiji Koyama


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