The Vector is the third mission of the Patient Zero bonus campaign, featured in HITMAN™ - Game of the Year Edition.


  • Eliminate Bradley Paine.
  • Eliminate the remaining infected patients.
  • Locate Exit.


The mission takes place overlooking the Shadow Client's militia training camp. The Vector greatly resembles Hitman: Sniper Challenge and Hitman: Sniper; the player is restricted to the use of a sniper rifle, a Sieger 300 Advanced, and must eliminate the targets from long range.

The four infected patients are a random selection of Militia members. The player must figure out which members of the militia are infected based on limited details given from Diana Burnwood throughout the course of the mission. If any of the targets realize they are being attacked, they will attempt to evacuate. Failing to eliminate a target before they leave the mission area will end the mission.

Mission Briefing

"All right, 47.

Your primary target is medical doctor and radical cultist Bradley Paine. Intel confirms that Paine has already infected a number of unsuspecting militia operatives with the Nabazov virus. Initial examination of the virus show it to be incredibly infectious, and utterly lethal. Fortunately there is no indication that the virus has spread beyond the compound. However, in order to prevent any contagion, Paine must be eliminated along with any infected mercenaries.

To remove the risk of exposing to the virus, we're recommending you go long range for this one. I will provide intel upon touch down, identifying targets for you once you've set up your sniper nest. Good luck, 47."
― In-Game Briefing


The Vector, as well as other missions featured in the Patient Zero campaign, have no mastery points for their mission specific challenges.

All Challenges are Assassination Challenges
Name Description
Silent Assassin Complete "The Vector".

Only kill the targets.

No bodies found.

The One that (Almost) Got Away

Eliminate an escaping target.
Brain Detail Complete "The Vector" by eliminating every target with a headshot.
Environmentalist Eliminate all targets with ballistic kills using precisely five bullets and without missing a shot.
Quicker Than The Eye Eliminate each infected target before Diana delivers her last hint about him.
Where is EveryBODY? Complete "The Vector" by hiding the bodies of all targets.
Unsafe Work


Complete "The Vector" by eliminating all targets in accidents.



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