The Wang Fou Incident is the 9th mission in Hitman: Contracts. It is a remake of the mission Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant from the first game, Hitman: Codename 47.

Target: Blue Lotus Negotiator

Mission Briefing

Diana here, 47. Things are moving in the right direction, but the triads are desperate to avoid an all out war. They're holding a summit on the Red Dragon turf to negotiate a truce, before things get out of hand. The meeting's at the "Wang Fou Restaurant", a heavily guarded Red Dragon property. The Blue Lotus negotiator is an older male, who will be arriving by limo. Take him out to prevent the truce from going through. We want the Red Dragons to take the blame, so we can't have any Blue Lotus members around as witnesses. Get rid of them all, 47. This one doesn't have to be pretty.

Mission Details

Target: Blue Lotus negotiator, an old male.

INFO: The Blue Lotus triad are sending a negotiator to meet with a Red Dragon representative on Red Dragon turf, in the hopes of averting a Triad war after the Chiu Dai park hit. Take him out.


DETAILS: The Triads are making one last effort to avoid open war. The Blue Lotus Triad is sending a negotiator to the "Wang Fou" restaurant to negotiate a truce with the Red Dragons. You'll need to take him out to prevent this truce from going through. The Wang Fou is Red Dragon turf, so it's heavily guarded at all times. We don't have positive ID on the target, but we do know he's an older male and he'll be arriving in a limo. He'll have the usual Blue Lotus security detachment. Take them all out.


  • Micro Uzi - Carried by most of the Blue Lotus and Red Dragon members.
  • Silenced Micro Uzi - Carried by the two Blue Lotus members inside the restaurant.
  • W2000 Sniper - In a corner of the restaurant second floor safe room.
  • AK-74 - Carried by some of the guards.
  • Silenced AK-74 - Bonus weapon for achieving a Silent Assassin rating.


  • Blue Lotus member - No use. (Aside for aesthetic purposes. Could blow cover, however)
  • Limo driver - Good disguise for planting the car bomb.
  • Red Dragon member - Good for walking around the restaurant and killing the last two targets.


  • Most of the restaurant, mansion and basement areas that play a part in the later mission The Lee Hong Assassination can be accessed and explored during this mission, however those locations aren't marked at the map.
  • Ort-Meyer's Keycard can be found in this level in Lee Hong's desk in the second floor of the mansion behind the restaurant.
  • Instant death (no shooting in death scene) will result from getting hit by the Limo.



Hitman- Contracts - Mission 9

Hitman- Contracts - Mission 9

The Wang Fou Incident - Professional / Silent Assassin

Hitman Contracts - The Wang Fou Incident

Hitman Contracts - The Wang Fou Incident


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