Three-Headed Serpent is the third mission in HITMAN™ 2.


Mission Briefing

"Good morning, 47. Our Providence contact has shared the identity of the "Shadow Client". A former mercenary and bodyguard by the name of Lucas Grey. His past is a black void, but our analysts are digging deep. Meanwhile, we've had a breakthrough of our own.

Comparing the militia's attack patterns with global shipping and transportation routes, we've figured out how Mr. Grey and his paramilitaries move around the world undetected. They're using the distribution network of the Delgado Cartel, Colombia's biggest drug manufacturer. Clearly, Grey must have struck a deal with the Delgado's. Consequently, if we can cripple the cartel, we can severely limit the militia's strike range. But to do so, we need to slay a three-headed serpent.

Sociopathic cartel head Rico Delgado and his two closest lieutenants: PR guru Andrea Martinez and savant chemist Jorge Franco. With equal parts guts and guile, Rico Delgado runs a thriving billion-dollar criminal empire. The word is, the brutal and volatile cartel head is hell-bent on becoming the number one drug lord in the world.

To achieve this, Martinez, a childhood friend of Delgado's, has been buttering up state leaders and decision-makers, paving the way for an expansion of the Delgado logistics network, while the brilliant but aloof and anti-social Franco has been hard at work developing a new type of super-cocaine. So. Three of Colombia's most infamous crime lords, inhabiting a decidedly hostile environment.

I will leave you to prepare."
― In-Game Briefing

Mission Stories

Heart of Stone

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Rico Delgado is due for an unveiling of a statue in the town square. Sounds promising. So, the ever-classy Rico Delgado has commissioned a statue of himself to adorn the village square. Today's unveiling ceremony will feature a local band and Rico Delgado will attend in person. I suggest you take a close look, 47. This should be a unique opportunity to engage Delgado outside the walls of his compound.


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A secret project? Surely this warrants attention. So, an employee of the Delgado cartel was injured while working on as secret project in the caves beneath Santa Fortuna. Sounds intriguing. I suggest you located this man's house, 47. Could be a chance to access the heart of the Delgado cartel.

Deadly Art

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Rico Delgado needs to have a tattoo fixed. So, P-Power, celebrity tattooist of "Tattoo Torment" fame has come to Santa Fortuna. Presumable, to work his magic on Rico Delgado, a known ink enthusiast. Sounds like an invitation to the mansion, 47. Are you feeling expressive?

Half Baked

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A helicopter pilot lost a package belonging to Jorge Franco. So, it sounds like the Delgado's helicopter pilot dropped a package over the jungle by mistake. A red box, containing circuit boards, for Jorge Franco's new cocaine processing machine. Hm, sounds like a workplace accident waiting to happen. Providing Franco can get his machine working.


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A drug smuggler has a meeting with Franco but needs to mend his sample first. So, a drug dealer from Sapienza has been testing a new method for smuggling Delgado brand cocaine into Europe. Baking the substance into souvenirs, coated in a special anti-drug detection paint solution, the dealer has been traveling the globe, testing the method. However, he accidentally broke the souvenir on arrival and needs to mend it before going to see Franco.

Undying Love

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An old love affair ready to spark anew, 47? Huh. Rico Delgado's brother Hector is trying to win back his old flame, Andrea Martinez. Apparently, Hector has authored a rather slushy love letter, but one of the sicarios foolhardily stole it from Hector's room during last night's party. I suggest you acquire that letter, 47. From what we know about Martinez, a deceleration of love from Hector is bound to provoke a reaction

Hallowed Ground

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The local construction site needs a spiritual cleansing... So, Andrea Martinez wants the local shaman to do a spirit cleanse at the construction site and she has ordered her sicarios to summon him, against his will, if necessary. I suggest you get involved, 47. After all, getting rid of bad influences is what you do best.



Type Key: A=Assassination; D=Discovery; F=Feats; T=Targets; TC=The Classics
Name Type Description Rewards
Hard Hat Area A Assassinate Andrea Martinez by dropping an object suspended from a crane. Mission Mastery +2000
Caution: Heavy Machinery A Assassinate Jorge Franco by pushing him into his cocaine machine. Mission Mastery +4000
Exit, Stage Left A Assassinate both Rico Delgado and Andrea Martinez with Rico Delgado's statue. Mission Mastery +2000
A Strong Foundation A Assassinate Andrea Martinez in a cement mixer accident. Mission Mastery +4000
Still As A Statue A Assassinate Rico Delgado with a statue of himself. Mission Mastery +4000
Special Delivery A
  • Place the explosive package in the in tray within Andrea Martinez's office.
  • Assassinate Andrea Martinez with an explosive package.
Mission Mastery +2000
Mind The Step A Assassinate Jorge Franco by pushing him off a cliff as he searches for rare flowers. Mission Mastery +4000
It Looks Just Like Her A Assassinate Rico Delgado with a tattoo gun. Mission Mastery +4000
Splash Landing A Assassinate Rico Delgado in a submarine accident. Mission Mastery +4000
Deadlier Art A Assassinate Rico Delgado with the art in his lobby. Mission Mastery +2000
Bait And Switch A Assassinate Andrea Martinez by pushing her off her balcony. Mission Mastery +4000
The Secret Ingredient A Assassinate Jorge Franco by poisoing the cocaine bus souvenir. Mission Mastery +4000
A Bite Out Of Crime A Assassinate Rico Delgado by pushing him into the hippo pool. Mission Mastery +4000
Discover Santa Fortuna D Reveal all undiscovered areas in Santa Fortuna. Mission Mastery +1000
Low Mileage D Escape in a local's car. Mission Mastery +1000
The Wind In Your Hair D Escape in one of Rico Delgado's sports cars. Mission Mastery +1000
Plain Sailing D Escape on a speed boat. Mission Mastery +1000
Pop A Wheelie D Escape on a motorcycle. Mission Mastery +1000
It Looks Nothing Like Her D Gain access to the mansion as the tattooist. Mission Mastery +2000
Cog In The Machine D Recover Franco's missing circuit board. Mission Mastery +1000
Who Ya Gonna Call? D Talk to Andrea Martinez disguised as the shaman. Mission Mastery +2000
Feedin' Time D Make the hippo feel better. Mission Mastery +2000
Don't Shoot The Messenger D Find Hector Delgado's love letter. Mission Mastery +1000
Salt The Earth D Destroy Franco's rare flower sample. Mission Mastery +2000
20,000 Leagues Under The Ground D Enter the submarine cave as the submarine engineer. Mission Mastery +2000
Got Any ID? D Gain access to the cave system as the hippie. Mission Mastery +2000
On A Pedastal D Loosen Rico Delgado's statue. Mission Mastery +2000
Mission Story - Hallowed Grounds F Perform a spiritual cleansing as a holy man of the jungle. Mission Mastery +2000
Mission Story - Deadly Art F Impersonate a reality star tattooist as Rico Delgado honors his wife with a love tattoo. Mission Mastery +2000
Three Course Dinner F Assassinate Rico Delgado, Jorge Franco, and Andrea Martinez by feeding them to El Mijo. Mission Mastery +2000
Mission Stories - Santa Fortuna F Complete all 3 Mission Story Challenges in Santa Fortuna. ICA Remote Taser
Mission Story - Heart Of Stone F Sabotage Rico Delgado's statue unveiling ceremony. Mission Mastery +2000
Blowing Bubbles F Eliminate Catalina Delgado by drowning her in her hot tub. Mission Mastery +1000
Secret Tunnel F [REDACTED]] Sacrificial Knife
Mission Mastery +2000
The Hero Of Santa Fortuna F
  • Demonstrate the repaired submarine to Rico Delgado.
  • Complete the statue unveiling ceremony.
  • Fix Rico's tattoo.
  • Help El Mijo feel better.
  • Return the lost love letter to Hector Delgado.
  • Cleanse the construction site.
  • Repair the hippie's cocaine souvenir.
  • Repair Jorge Franco's cocaine production machine.
Mission Mastery +4000
Someone Could Hurt Themselves F Assassinate a target in an accident. Mission Mastery +1000
How Ribbiting F Catch 5 frogs. Mission Mastery +2000
Piano Man F Assassinate a target with the fiber wire. Mission Mastery +1000
Hold My Hair F Assassinate a target by drowning them. Mission Mastery +1000
Tasteless, Traceless F Assassinate a target with lethal poison. Mission Mastery +1000
Straight Shot F Assassinate a target with a headshot. Mission Mastery +1000
Authentic Local Cuisine F Eliminate someone with poisoned street food. Mission Mastery +1000
Key Master F Unlock all of the secret doors located around Santa Fortuna. Mission Mastery +4000
Drown Your Sorrows F Listen to P. Power while he tells you about his problems. Mission Mastery +1000
We Meat Again F
  • Incapacitate the meat enthusiast with a meaty bone.
  • Feed him to the piranhas.
Meaty Bone
Mission Mastery +1000
Versatile Assassin F Complete the following Versatile challenges in Colombia:

  • Piano Man
  • Someone Could Hurt Themselves
  • Hold My Hair
  • Straight Shot
  • Tasteless, Traceless
Mission Mastery +4000
Nature Finds A Way F Pacify 5 different coca field guards while they are among the coca field crops. Mission Mastery +2000
Brick And Mortar F Collect 3 bloodstained cocaine bricks. Mission Mastery +2000
A Brief History Of Rico Delgado F Listen to all of the displays in Rico Delgado's Trophy Room. Mission Mastery +2000
Chameleon F Find and equip all disguises in Santa Fortuna. Mission Mastery +4000
Cupid F Help Hector Delgado find his love letter. Mission Mastery +1000
Off The Wagon F Eliminate Hector Delgado by poisoning a line of cocaine. Mission Mastery +2000
Fly Tipping F
  • Feed a street soldier to the piranhas.
  • Feed a mansion guard to the piranhas.
  • Feed a coca field guard to the piranhas.
  • Feed an elite guard to the piranhas.
  • Do not get spotted.
Mission Mastery +2000
The Boss T Assassinate Rico Delgado Mission Mastery +4000
The Cook T Assassinate Jorge Franco Mission Mastery +4000
The Face T Assassinate Andrea Martinez Mission Mastery +4000
Sniper Assassin TC
  • Complete "Three-headed Serpent"
  • Assassinate your targets with a sniper rifle.
  • Only eliminate targets.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase of destroy the evidence. (master/professional)
Mission Mastery +2000 (all)
Suit Only TC
  • Assassinate the targets and complete the mission on X difficulty.
  • Do it all in your suit.
Mission Mastery +1000 (all)
The Classics TC Complete all the Classic challenges on "Three-headed Serpent" on X difficulty:

  • Silent Assassin
  • Silent Assassin, Suit Only
  • Sniper Assassin
  • Suit Only
  • No Evidence
Mission Mastery +8000 (master)
Mission Mastery +4000 (professional)
Mission Mastery +2000 (casual)
Silent Assassin TC
  • Complete "Three-headed Serpent" on X difficulty.
  • Only eliminate the targets.
  • No bodies found.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence. (master/professional)
Mission Mastery +4000 (all)
Silent Assassin, Suit Only TC
  • Complete "Three-headed Serpent".
  • Only eliminate the targets.
  • No bodies found.
  • Do not get spotted.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence. (master/professional)
  • Do it all in your suit.
Mission Mastery +4000 (all)
No Evidence TC
  • Complete "Three-headed Serpent" on X difficulty with no bodies found.
  • If you are detected by cameras, erase or destroy the evidence. (master/professional)
Mission Mastery +1000 (all)


Mastery Level Type Unlock Description
2 Agency Pickup Village Construction Building The ICA can smuggle a briefcase containing a large item into the unfinished building in the village.
2 Poison Sedative Pills A container of pills. Dissolvable. Contains enough for a single dose of sedative poison. Those who consume it will immediately slip into unconsciousness. May be administered via food or drink.
3 Starting Location Village Hostel 47 has arrived in Santa Fortuna as a tourist and starts in his second floor room in the hostel wearing his normal clothes.
4 Hidden Stash Hostel The ICA can conceal a small item inside a laundry basket in the village Hostel.
5 Explosive Fragmentation Grenade A fragmentation grenade. Can be thrown and detonates in an explosion after a small delay.
6 Starting Location Village Bar 47 has cleverly found a way to the village bar and starts there as a tourist.
7 Hidden Stash Fishing Village The ICA can conceal a small item in a pot in the fishing village.
7 Poison Emetic Pills A container of pills. Dissolvable. Enough for a single dose of an emetic poison. An individual consuming this will immediately become nauseated and seek a toilet to throw up in. Can be administered via food or drink.
8 Starting Location Shaman's Hut 47 has been trekking in the jungle and starts his mission near the Shaman's hut.
9 Hidden Stash Jungle The ICA can conceal a small item inside a box into the jungle.
10 Assault Rifle SHASHKA A33 H A modern assault rifle. Fully automatic. With high damage but only semi accurate.
11 Starting Location Construction Site 47 has managed to infiltrate the construction site on the edge of town and is disguised as part of the construction crew.
12 Agency Pickup Construction Site The ICA can smuggle a briefcase containing a large item into one of the buildings on the construction site.
13 Starting Location Coca Fields 47 has expertly infiltrated the Delgado coca fields and disguised himself as a Coca Field Worker.
13 SMG TAC-SMG Mk II A modern machine gun. Lightweight, with excellent rate of fire and precision. This one with the signature Mk II look.
14 Agency Pickup Coca Fields The ICA can smuggle a briefcase containing a large item into a shed at the coca fields.
15 Explosive RFID Triggered Explosive This will explode when armed, and in proximity of the corresponding RFID tag.
16 Starting Location Submarine Cave 47 has infiltrated the cave system deep under the Delgado mansion where he starts in the submarine cave disguised as a submarine crew member.
17 Hidden Stash Caves The ICA can conceal a small item inside the toilet cistern in the caves.
18 Starting Location Mansion Basement 47 has infiltrated the Delgado mansion, starting in the basement disguised as mansion staff.
18 Explosive Proximity CX Demo Block Mk II A block of Composition 10 plastic explosive. Shaped for use in demolitions or improvised explosive snares. Integrated proximity trigger. Exercise caution when placing. It also has the signature Mk II look.
19 Agency Pickup Wine Cellar The ICA can smuggle a briefcase containing a large item into the mansion basement.
20 Distraction ICE Remote Micro Audio Distraction A micro audio distraction device. Remotely triggered. Will attract an individual in hearing range. Too small to notice.




Escalation Contracts

There are currently 3 escalation contracts available in Santa Fortuna:

Target Lockdown

There are no target lockdowns in this mission.

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