Tobias Rieper is the alias of Agent 47.


The Tobias Rieper character is an extremely wealthy corporate shark who is also involved in numerous criminal activities. He is purportedly a friend of Viktor Novikov, which is how he was able to attend the IAGO auction. Besides his job as a businessman, he was a cat burglar and thief-for-hire, and has been linked to the planning of the infamous Sierra Leone diamond heist in the late 1990’s. Rieper is a registered patient at the GAMA hospital, and has his check ups there, during which his examiner noted that his unusual biology is marvelous and described him as a walking stem cell. He singed up for Haven to erase his identity of being an international thief.


He has light blue eyes, and is pale with a completely bald head. If his attributes are listed the same as 47, then he is 6'2 (1,88m) tall and his weight is stated as 187 lbs (84kg).


The alias was first used in Hitman: Codename 47 when 47 enters Lee Hong’s brothel during The Lee Hong Assassination.

In Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, 47 does not use the alias, but his prior use of it is referenced in Shogun Showdown. While infiltrating Masahiro Hayamoto’s stronghold to assassinate him, he encounters Lei Ling, who recognizes him as Mr. Rieper, the brothel customer who helped her escape Lee Hong’s clutches. 47 tells her never to call him that again, as he has left that name behind.

The alias was again used in some HITMAN™ episodes. In The Showstopper, this is the name 47 gives to Dalia Margolis when she approaches him at her IAGO auction and does not recognize him. She then asks for a background check on the identity, which returns a perfectly normal businessman,, but very few pictures, which makes Dalia suspect Tobias Rieper is a manufactured identity. In Club 27, this is the name on 47's booking for room 205 at the Himmapan. In Situs Inversus, Tobias Rieper is the alias that 47 enters the GAMA Private Hospital under. In Golden Handshake, 47 gives the name Rieper when arranging a private meeting with one of the bank tellers. In The Last Resort, this is the name 47 uses to book into Haven Island, claiming to be an international thief in need of a new identity.

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