"You wake up strapped to a fixation bed in a strange place. You do not wear anything but uncomfortable hospital underwear. With a loud noise, the straps loosen and you can move your limbs. Slowly you sit up. A freezing pain hits you as your bare feet touch the floor. Obey the voice..."
Hitman: Codename 47's Manual
Disambig This article is about the Hitman: Codename 47 mission. For the Hitman: Contracts mission, see Training Area.

Training is the introduction to Hitman: Codename 47, and was Agent 47's training, before he earned his title of Agent at the International Contract Agency. The mission introduced 47 to weapons, advanced movements, and basic stealth training.



Training started with a clone, #47, strapped onto a bed as an enigmatic voice ordered him to wake up, while releasing the shackles pinning the clone down. After leaving his cell and donning a pre-prepared suit that was on a bench in the next room, the voice was his guidance as he was taught to overcome obstacles and was taught basic use in melee weapons and various firearms, both automatic and semi-automatic in nature.

In the end, #47 escaped from the area after killing a staff member, then used his clothes as a disguise. In a separate, unknown location, a man clouded in silhouette saw his escape through a security camera, and laughed as #47 made his way through the upper floors.


The area's training center was dark, dank, and dirty. The walls consisted of both gray, brick-like architecture, with black and white tiling in various parts. The flooring was a sleeker tile look near #47's cell and elevators, becoming a brown, cement-like material during exercises. The entire area was connected by a series of elevators, metal doors and gates.

Mission Briefing

No Briefing Available.


  1. Obey the voice.
  2. Kill the staff member.
  3. Steal his clothes.
  4. Escape the area.

Reward: None.


No Intelligence Available.


  • Asylum Patient - Worn at the start of the level.
  • Suit - Required to pass through the asylum. Staff will attack on sight.
  • Asylum Staff - Required to finish mission.





  • Stun Gun - On the first staff member encountered, and can not be picked up.



  • All of the shooting challenges and melee weapons training can be skipped without incurring a penalty.
  • Ort-Meyer refers to multiple things incorrectly during the training, such as saying #47 should pick up a gun from the table, which are in fact two crates. Or describing the AK-103 as the AK-47.
    • He also incorrectly refers to the Fiber Wire as "Piano Wire," and also speaks about both the Pentagon Knife and its Asian varient the Oyabun Knife, even though the latter isn't available.
  • Ort-Meyer refers to certain areas of training (such as the heavy weapons range) as grand and action-packed, when in reality they're severely underwhelming.
  • Killing the second guard before he opens the door will result in mission failure since he is the only one who can open it, so taking the first guard's clothes is necessary to get past the second one.
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