Tubeway Torpedo is the 5th mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Set in Russia, Agent 47 is tasked to eliminate another of the Generals, Mikhail Bardachenko, as well as freeing a captured CIA agent, Carlton Smith.


  • General Mikhail Bardachenko

Mission Briefing

47Diana here. Brilliant!
Our client is most satisfied, but is still in a hurry to stop the last two generals before they get close to the truth.
We've received information that one of the generals, general Mikhail Bardachenko, is interrogating people in the basement of the military facilities just off Nevsky Prospekt.
The video was recorded by a security cam almost two days ago, so we have to hurry.
Somewhere in the multilevel maze of corridors you will find your target — make sure the prisoner being interrogated escapes unscathed.
Your equipment is in the supply yard near a crate marked "FCK" just behind the main entrance.
Security is beefed up because of the rumors of an impending assassination attempt on the general.
So — once you've completed your mission, there's only one way out.
Blast your way through a wall out into the sewers and return to the subway — we've located the only place where the walls are thin enough — it's marked on your map.
Keep it clean, 47!




  • Combat knife - Carried by General Bardachenko.
  • Beretta 9mm Pistol - Carried by some of the soldiers.
  • 9mm Pistol SD - Inside the Agency pickup at the army depot and carried by General Bardachenko.
  • Desert Eagle - Inside a desk on the second floor of the headquarters.
  • AK-74 - Carried by most of the soldiers plus one inside the Agency pickup in the 1st basement. It also can be found in a room at the northeast corner of the army depot, in a room just outside the entrance to the headquarters, and inside the headquarters on the first floor.


  • Officer : Access everywhere.
  • Soldier: ditto.



Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Tubeway Torpedo

Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Tubeway Torpedo



  • Unlike in the two previous missions, the Russian soldiers appear as enemies (orange points) on the map instead of Policemen (blue points).
  • When 47 frees Agent Smith, he claims that the last time they met was in Romania, this is a reference to the mission The Setup from Hitman: Codename 47.
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