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Tutorial: Contract Creation is a tutorial in Hitman. It was released on 11 March 2016, along with the game.


Main deck of the yacht.

Main setting: ICA Facility

The mission takes place in the ICA Facility of Greenland. Some of the key locations within the map includes the Yacht and the Dock which is located at the start location. The player has the option to choose his/her own target, but the guide requires that you mark the mechanics at basement deck, and kill them.


Ben Finch, one of the three targets, the guide suggests.

  • Mark up to 5 Targets.




The majority of the map consists of civilians walking around at the yacht of Kalvin Ritter. There are also a large number of security personnel on the yacht, and also in both Main Deck and the Upper Deck. The security responsible for the yacht is called Yacht Security while the bodyguards patrolling the yacht are called Bodyguard.

In the yacht, there are plenty of Yacht Crew working, as well as Mechanics.

ICALogoRecreation.png It's a straightforward assignment, 47.
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