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Tyson Williams, also known as The Tyrant, is a target that appears in The Last Resort mission in HITMAN™ 2.


Born to a blue-collar family in the American Midwest, Tyson Williams experiences a reasonably unremarkable childhood flavored with the usual childhood dramas-parents divorcing after his tenth birthday, death of a beloved pet and the loss of his virginity to his high school sweetheart who left town the day after. All in a quite remarkable and all-American boy’s life. Once out of college, he’s incapable of securing a job that fits his fine arts education, but eventually finds a job in Chicago where he works as a store detective, busting shoplifters and employees stealing from the till.

He quickly finds that he has a flair for the job and gets promoted to head of the security in the department store. One night, he confronts a shoplifter in the electronics section department and the thief attacks Williams with a knife. A physical strong man, Williams has no issue subduing the thief, but seeing the knife shakes him and he beats the man into unconsciousness. The case ends in court where Williams gets 5 years for aggravated assault.

Prison time gains him contact but also breaks his mental health and completely changes his personality. Out of prison he moves to New York and start a private investigation agency under a new name. Using his prison contacts, Williams effectively becomes an illegal bounty hunter. He hones his skip tracing skills by finding even more skillful marks and gets deeper and deeper into the criminal world, graduating from mafia-level clients to major drug manufacturers and tracking down people in witness protection.

Through his mafia connections, he gets wind of a suspected con artist who has been scamming wealthy bachelors out of millions before accidentally doing the same trick to a major player of the same brotherhood. A lengthy investigation eventually leads him to Ljudmila Vetrova but when he finally catches up with her, it feels more like luck than skill on his behalf. And so, he decides to learn from her. The two make a deal - she teaches him everything she knows about clearing her tracks and he doesn't hand her over to the brotherhood. It quickly becomes apparent Williams that the combination of their skills could vastly improve his company profile. All he needs is a world-class programmer.

He finds that in Steven Bradley, a freelance programmer, who is currently living off the money from building a universal login tool a year earlier. Using that tool, albeit illegally, Bradley provides Williams and his company with extreme amounts of data from pretty much every social media and email account in the world. With Bradley and Vetrova at his side, Haven becomes world-leaders in tracking - and covering tracks - of practically anyone in the world.
― Target Intel


Williams is extremely overbearing and short-tempered, possibly due to the migraines that he suffers (the result of a childhood illness.) He is overweight, short of breath and covered with unsightly sores. He seems to be obsessed with his ex-lover Ljudmila Vetrova, who left him due to his deteriorating physical condition. He spends the mission moving slowly about the top floor of the villa, stopping frequently to sit down or lean on something, as prolonged movement is difficult. He is attempting several methods of alleviating his migraines, including medicine (prescribed by Dr. Singh, who will eventually visit him to discuss the dosage), light therapy, and immersing himself in Jacuzzi water.


  • He has an unconfirmed chronic disease that two villa guards outside the balcony believe he has malaria. Eavesdropping on Ljudmila reveals that the disease came back after she failed to poison him.
  • 47 can give him the Haven USB stick from the thief's locker in the server dressing room, so that he can get promoted to William's personal bodyguard on the island.
  • His personal doctor also stays on the island with his mistress for a relaxing tropical vacation, and at the same time, to give Williams a medical check-up.
  • He is such a tyrant, reclusive, staying on the opposite end of the island and fretting over Vetrova's schemes. He will frequently watch her with binoculars during his route.
  • If you get rid of Steven during the server farm maintenance, he would ask Ljudmila to come back to the villa for a simple dinner celebration with just the two of them.
  • If you get rid of Ljudmila during the server farm maintenance, Steven tells him that the Haven server cannot fully repair without the three of them being there, due to his specification.
  • Tyson appears to be a fan of The Icon, as he has several merchandise in his cinema room, including an action figure of Dino Bosco.