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U'wa Tribe is a religious indigenous tribe located deep inside the Colombian rainforest.


The U'wa people are a real life indigenous tribe living in the cloud forests of northeastern Colombia. Historically, the U'wa numbered as many as 20,000, scattered over a homeland that extended across the Venezuela-Colombia border. Some 7-8,000 U'wa are alive today.

The U'wa are known to neighboring indigenous peoples as "the thinking people" or "the people who speak well". They were formerly called Tunebo, but today prefer to be known as U'wa, meaning "people". [1]

In the game they look more like an Amazonian tribe, mostly by the Jaguar references and their haircut, but in real life they don't have this aesthetic and don't live in the jungle.

In game, they make reference to their god, represented by a Jaguar named Tezcatlipoca, which, in reality, is the name of an Aztec deity.

Hitman: Codename 47

They play a vital part in the assassination of one of Agent 47's fathers, Colombian drug lord Pablo Ochoa. Once he returns a precious U'wa idol which is the symbol of their tribal religion and rescuing the chieftain's brother from captivity, they give 47 info on Pablo's hidden location. The U'wa Chieftain gladly helps 47, due to his opinion that Pablo is scum.

Their hostility is triggered by Pablo stealing the sacred tribe's idol sometime before the mission Find the U'Wa Tribe. Further reference that proves the U'wa tribe is hostile towards Pablo is implicitly stated in his letter to Frantz. In the letter, he said that he would have been killed by the tribesmen if not for his special elixir. [2]

Hitman: Absolution

They are briefly referenced in the mission Blackwater Park, where a bottle of U'wa Tribe Poison can be picked up.



  • The tribe have a large jaguar and worship it as their god. Agent 47 must feed this jaguar to pass into Pablo's camp.
  • Despite the real life reference to the indigenous U'wa tribe, the in-game representation take elements from other Pre-Columbian cultures like the Aztecs, Incans and Mayans.


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