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The Ultramax is a light machine gun in Hitman Absolution


"A light machine gun with a great rate of fire and a large magazine capacity, it is easily handled by a strong shooter, which makes it ideal for moving engagements."


  • Birdie's Gift: In the underground bunker (which requires a keycard) under the shooting range. Required to unlock the "Ultramax" challenge.
  • Blackwater Park: On display in the penthouse's large trophy room (not the laser-guarded one), with the other decorations like whale skeleton, harpoon gun and other displayed weapons such as shotguns and submachine guns.


  • Dexter's Ultramax: Carried by Blake Dexter. Identical to the regular Ultramax in appearance, function and performance.



  • The Ultramax is based upon the real-world Chartered Industries of Singapore Ultimax 100 Mark-III 5.56mm light machine gun, with the performance of an M60.
  • The drum magazine has a 100 round capacity like the NATO Beta-C magazine(though two magazine designs are different), rather than 60 in real life. However, the Ultramax also accepts the M16-style STANAG magazine if required, in theory it can use magazine from HX AP-15 and ARZ-160 in game.