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Welcome to my Page! I’m JoeTDaFan and I adopted the HITMAN Wiki in 2019 I'm also the wiki director and bureaucrat for the wiki. I am a huge fan of the Hitman Series. I mostly do behind the scenes work around here, but contribute to pages when needed. My first ever Hitman game was Hitman: Absolution and enjoyed the series since then. My favorite character is clearly Agent 47 and always enjoyed his style and execution (and of course Lucas Grey). If you have a question or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my wall.

Welcome to my Profile! If you have any questions or concerns contact me using my Message Wall.

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Hello! I'm JoeTDaFan, I’ve been on FANDOM since April 2017. I am a editor, contributor, and I also assist in manage or manage several communities. If you want contact me, you can use my message wall.

Current Wikis

Hitman Wiki (Wiki Director & Bureaucrat) (2019-Present)
Television Wiki (Wiki Director & Bureaucrat) (2019-Present)
Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion Wiki (Bureaucrat) (2022-Present)
Hunter Street Wiki (Co Head/Bureaucrat) (2018-2020, 2022-Present)
NBA 2K Wiki (Administrator) (2022-Present)

Former Wikis

Prison Architect Wiki (Bureaucrat) (2018-2020)
Adam Ruins Everything Wiki (Bureaucrat) (2019-2020)
Vice Principals Wiki (Bureaucrat) (2019-2019)
Sydney to the Max Wiki (Bureaucrat) (2019-2022)
Cousins for Life Wiki (Administrator) (2019)

My Abilities and Skills

Since joining the FANDOM platform in 2017, I have made myself very familiar with visual and source editor while editing pages and templates (just like this one).

I've made myself very useful not just an editor, but as an administrator (sysop) I have ensured the communities I've worked on have always been safe from vandalism and disputes. I have great communication skills to both editors and other administrators around FANDOM and have built relationships to ensure a better community.

In the past I have had my share of inactivity, but since I've returned, I make sure the job gets done in a fast and creative way. Just in case this is too much to read I will shorten it up with a pros and cons list as listed;


Great Communication Skills.
Creative and Reliable editor.
Able to moderate content and able to use appropriate action.
Able to create and setup navigational and simple templates.
Active and Fast Learner.


Unable to make custom logos, banners, icons, etc. (Not a graphic designer)


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