The VIP Patient (Portman) outfit is a unique disguise that can be found in HITMAN™.



Worn by Jason Portman, one of the wealthy VIPs at the Gama Hospital. At the start of the mission the disguise only allows 47 to enter Jason Portman’s room, but eventually Portman will be escorted to the hospital by a doctor. Afterwards the disguises gives the player access to the hospital floors and staircases, the toilet, the fitnesses room and all offices on the second floor except for the director’s.

If 47 manages to take the Portman’s cloths before he’s being escorted to the hospital, he can meet with his surgeon and get the facial bandages remove. Since Portman underwent an operation to look like Helmut Kruger, 47’s cover will not be blown. If Portman isn’t intercepted before this happens the doctor will never remove the bandages even if 47 later puts on the disguise .

Jason Portman doesn’t get frisked by the guards at the checkpoints.   


The VIP Patient (Portman) outfit appears in the following missions:


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