Vaana Ketlyn is a famous Romanian circus performer and party hostess around Nevada, having become a self-made millionaire.


She was also secretly an illegal arms dealer in league with her lover, CIA agent Anthony Martinez. She hosts the Heaven/Hell parties in A Dance with the Devil.

Diana's dossier on Ketlyn states that she is an adept Eskrima-style sword fighter, and in fact she carries a cane sword throughout the level, and will use it against 47 if she gets the chance.


She adopts a very gothic appearance, wearing heavy eyeshadow and white makeup with black lipstick. Her hair is in cornrows. It is unknown if this is her usual attire or if her appearance is exaggerated because of the thematic nature of the party. She also has a prominent scar across the right side of her face.



  • The original drafted concept art for her was far less burlesque and more gothic.
  • Aside from the cane sword, her weapon of choice for ranged combat is a Desert Eagle.
  • If 47 chooses to rendezvous with Vaana disguised as Anthony Martinez, she will ask him three times to remove his mask (which 47 obviously cannot do for the sake of blowing his cover).She will then become enraged and kill 47 in one fell swoop of her cane sword.
  • If 47 keeps a safe distance from the infuriated Vanna she will open fire and guards will soon intervene (ruining a good rating).