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The Vase is a melee weapon featured in Hitman: Absolution.


"A heavy, but fragile piece of home decor."

Vases can be found in various missions used as decorative pieces of art. However, they may be used as a weapon by smashing them into the target's head, either head-on or from behind. Alternatively, they may be thrown and used as a distraction. Regardless of the method used, the vase is broken in the process.


Hitman: Absolution

  • Terminus: Found at various locations around Terminus Hotel.
  • Run For Your Life: Vases are found in multiple places throughout the level, most notably in the Library.
  • Skurky's Law: On a table in the rotunda of the courthouse, to the right of the courtroom doors.
  • Absolution: On the altar at the start of the level