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"THAT, is Viktor Novikov. Head of Sanguine, and ringleader of IAGO. Quite the resumé."
Diana Burnwood

Viktor Novikov (Also known as "The Moneyman") is an influential Russian oligarch, owner of the Sanguine fashion house and an associate of IAGO, an infamous spy ring. He is one of Agent 47's targets in The Showstopper.


A self-made billionaire, Viktor Novikov prospered in the post-USSR boom of capitalism, making his early fortunes in real estate. When he took a nasty financial beating during the recession, Novikov turned to more creative sources of income: corporate espionage, extortion, insurance fraud, kidnapping and arson. Anything to maintain his ostentatious way of life.

Then, five years ago, in a surprising turn of events, Novikov pulled the plug on all of his illegal operations. He purchased Sanguine, one of Europe's oldest and most prestigious couture brands, relocated to Paris and went completely legit.

At least, so it would seem. We now believe that his "Mr. Fashion" persona was always just a front for a much more lucrative scheme devised by Novikov's girlfriend, legendary Israeli supermodel Dalia Margolis.

Novikov is charismatic but arrogant and thuggish. Old habits die hard. Proud and uncompromising, he is a man with a lot of self-confidence but little self-esteem. This is not someone you back into a corner.

Still, we suspect that Dalia Margolis is the real power behind the throne.
― Target Intel


Novikov hired the Shadow Client to get rid of Nicholai Kamarov, an FSB agent who almost exposed his dark business with IAGO. The Shadow Client made it look like a suicide. In Paris, Novikov handed him in the IAGO dossier in return, which contained all secrets of the "global elite". The shadow client used it to get closer to Providence, his archenemy. The Shadow Client leaked his name soon afterwards, setting up his assassination one day later in The Showstopper.

Under the pretense of hosting a fashion show in Paris, France, Novikov secretly backed an auction on the top floor of the palace which is managed by Dalia Margolis. Invited are mainly rich or influential people from all around the world, like terrorism supporters, bankers, warlords, dictators, businessmen or criminals. They can buy secret information IAGO collected, for example a NOC list about undercover MI6 agents.



  • Novikov is noticeably less interested in the goings on of IAGO than his wife, preferring to focus his attention on the Sanguine fashion show below. Dalia indicates he would prefer to legitimately be a fashion designer than a criminal but is unable to escape the ties of his criminal past.
  • Novikov's favorite drink is a Bare Knuckle Boxer, an obscure cocktail which is one of the ways to eliminate him.
  • According to dialogues between his bodyguards, Novikov used to be an amateur boxer.
  • Novikov makes a reference to Valerie St. Clair having a "chicken hut" in reference to the legend of Baba Yaga.
  • Novikov appears to truly love his wife, unaware that she is merely using him to fund IAGO and intends on having him eliminated as his past poses a threat. If Novikov is informed of Margolis' death, he will clearly be upset and state "what a goddamn waste", in comparison to Margolis' apathy if Novikov is killed.
  • In Club 27, Novikov's image is on the cover of a magazine next to Jordan Cross' laptop.
  • In the introductory portion of Untouchable, which takes place in Agent 47's mind, a still frame of Novikov being crushed by the light rig is seen, suggesting that this was his how 47 killed him canonically. He also appears as in 47's flashback, standing along with other targets that 47 has eliminated.