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Villa Borghese is a villa located at Palermo, Italy which is owned by Giuseppe Guillani.


47's Revenge

After holding Emilio Vittorio hostage for a ransom, Guillani locked him in a secure room in the basement and took the key with him. However, shortly after this he was moved to another location by the Russians.

Sometime after that, 47 arrive to save Vittorio, killing Guillani in process to take the key. But, upon opening the door, he found the room empty and subsequently learned that he was moved yet again to another location.


It is a typical Sicilian country house with a large grounds, library, kitchen, master bedroom, dining room, lounge, Don's office, lawyer's office, study, basement as well as several other small rooms. Surprisingly there are no toilet facilities in the whole house. There is a small tomb like structure in the front garden, however its closed off.


There are hills from all sides of villa. There are three entrances to villa gardens. Two side doors western from the position where 47 starts the mission and a main entrance guarded by two Mafia guards. In the garden there is a garage and another 2 doors leading to where pool can be found.




  • Strangely, the Villa lacks toilet facilities, which is very bizarre considering that Don Guillani is a rich man yet has no toilet access for his household. This very fact forces some of the Mafia clan including his brother and son to go outside for a bathroom break with 47 himself witnessing a guard urinating near a bush.